Thursday, January 30, 2003

Yippee!! We got our asses to goodwill last night and the boxes are gone! When we pulled up to our local Goodwill we noticed that they had constructed a covered loading dock type thing at the back of the store (it used to just be a big door). We backed the car up and saw this little tiny yellow sign, taped to the door, listing all the things that they couldn't accept as donations. It was a pretty lengthy list but it totally made sense, no baby furniture stuff, no cars, no appliances that don't work, etc.

The women in the receiving area seemed pretty pleased to see all our stuff. We had some small appliances that were practically new, in the box, that will sell quickly and all of our stuff was neatly wrapped up and packed in boxes. I don't think that they sort it all out here, I'm pretty sure that it all goes up to the central depot in Toronto. Whatever happens with it, I'm just that we've gotten rid of those boxes.

Tonight I have to finish packing up the stuff that we're throwing out. It's our garbage night tonight. We're limited to 3 bags a week so we'll probably put the extra bags in front of our next door neighbour's place. Our next door neighbour is this crazy, 90-year old lady. I don't think she's there at the moment, if she's smart (which, she's not, cuz she's crazy!) she's in Florida or somewhere warm. She's had someone shovelling her snow but there haven't been any lights on at night for months.

When we moved in, the front of her house was all ripped up and she was in the middle of a major renovation. One day, in the first couple of weeks after we moved in, she grabbed us in our driveway and dragged us in to see what was going on so far. You could tell that the house was going be nice when it was done but the guy who was working for her had ripped out her furnace and washer and dryer and put them into his daughter's house. He had also left the main floor and basement completely uninhabitable so now she was living in the upstairs part of the house. We joked that she should fire the guy and get someone new in. Two days later, she calls out to us from her upstairs window as we're getting out of our car that she took our advice and fired the guy. Can you believe it? Fired a contractor based on a joke made by new stranger neighbours. I think that she's hired and fired every contractor in town since then. Her house looks almost finished but she's had newspaper taped up on her windows for over a year. The sad / hilarious thing about the whole renovation is that she's designed it herself, to suit someone who is 5 feet tall and can't lift their arms higher than their chest. She'll never be able to get back what she's put into the house, it's just silly.

We don't talk to her much anymore, unless she corners us in the driveway. Last summer, we drove around the block more than once when we saw her out in the front yard. It's not that we're not friendly or anything, but we already have a little old man who we have to look after (Mark's dad), we definitely don't need a little old lady to look after too. If it sounds selfish, it's because it is!

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