Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Roger Waters - The Wall 2010
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I'm a big dummy.

At lunch today, I started a blog post. I ran out of time so I saved it and thought "I'll send this home to myself and finish it tonight."

Unfortunately, I forgot to send it home and I don't feel like trying to remember what I was saying so, it'll not be posted until tomorrow at the earliest.

It may be boring unless you are at least semi-interested in Roger Waters.

In the meantime, I can say this, I'm not overly thrilled with our municipal elections results. Our new mayor is a little goofy. At least he seems goofy to me. Hopefully he'll be a harmless kind of goofy.

In our district, an amazing person was elected to represent us. I feel like I can trust Sandy Berg to represent our concerns. Our previous representative, Steve Garrison, was a terrific guy and we're going to miss him a lot (he stepped down, I'm sure he could have been re-elected if he had run again). I'm also happy that we have a lot of new folks on council. Hopefully this will be good for us as tax payers, I feel like we were really gouged by the past council. So, congrats to Sandy and the rest of the new council!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

apres long weekend

I'm back at work today after a delicious four day weekend. The weather was amazing and we had a nice, relaxing time. In the middle of it all, we got our yard all sorted out and ready for winter. The lawn is cut, the patio furniture has been put away, the shrubs and bushes have been trimmed back. Mark even pulled out the snow shovels so we'd have them handy, should we need them. Hopefully we won't need them soon but once October hits, you never do know.

I have another long weekend booked this coming weekend too. 5 days actually. We're going to be seeing Roger Waters in Ottawa on Sunday and in Montreal on Tuesday. Mark saw the first two nights of this tour in Toronto last month. I have deliberately not read reviews or watched any video clips of the show as I'd like to be surprised for the first show.

In 2007, when Roger toured "the dark side of the moon" I did the same thing and was glad to not know too much about the show going in. I'm not the biggest Pink Floyd fan in the world (I really prefer the Syd stuff) but Roger does do the spectacle thing probably better than anyone (although I'm not a huge fan of "big" shows either).

Mark saw Pink Floyd do the Wall 3 times in New York in 1980, he travelled to Berlin to see the big version (Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, et al) in 1990 and he'll have seen 4 shows of the 2010 tour. It's a really big deal for him. He worked through the summer and didn't take a vacation so he could pay for all of these tickets. I'm so glad that he's been able to see these shows. Also, I'll probably get to visit IKEA when we're in Montreal so that's always good!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

things I like

the raveonettes
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love in a trashcan This ditty is currently playing on my MP3 player and swirling around in my brain between my headphones. It never fails to make me happy. it's an oldie but a goodie. all hail the raveonettes, please and thank you

sinus meds I've been fighting a cold (I think it's a cold) for a couple of weeks now. The symptoms are just there, under the surface and every once in a while they creep up and kick me. Like Sunday, I thought I was coming down with a major head cold and Monday, it was downgraded to sniffles. Today, I think it's allergies and not a cold. I tried to not take my allergy stuff this morning and didn't last two hours before I had to take it. I'm at the office and have a sinus headache. I took some stuff with ibuprofen in it and am waiting very patiently for them to kick in.

our new dvd player Last night, we broke down and bought a blue ray player. Our HD DVD player, which we've had for not quite 2 years, was really inexpensive and it's not all that great. It's a good name brand and we felt like it was a deal at the time. 2 years later, it's hit and miss so we moved it to the basement and bought a new player last night. We don't have a lot of blue ray discs, just 2 actually (we had the combo pack of "up" and Mark bought a copy of "a hard day's night" on blue ray on the weekend). The difference in the picture quality on Up is impressive. Will have to wait until the weekend to see how A Hard Day's Night shapes up.

Jill Barber - I've been a fan for a long time and you should be too. I may have posted the link to the video for "All My Dreams" before but I don't care, I'll post it as many times and I want to: - it's beautiful, so is Jill, she's making a new record AND, the hero of the video is my friend Andrew. Are those enough reasons to watch it again?

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

some stuff I don't get

nervous girl
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workshops about social media - I seem to get a lot of emails at work, promoting workshops and courses which promise to help folks use social media to build their business/brand/whatever. Social media stuff to me, you either get it or you don't and going to a conference or workshop to try to figure it out seems futile. If you really think your organization needs to utilize stuff like "the twitter" and you are totally clueless, maybe it's time to find some resources to hire someone to do this stuff for you. Like most things in life, anything worth doing is worth doing well. A half-assed approached to it is not better than no approach at all.

the secret code of cell phones - I'm due for a hardware upgrade on my phone (not a full upgrade, I'd have to wait until May for that). We tried to go to my cell phone providers "store" on the weekend but they weren't open. In the end, we landed up at Best Buy and were forced to talk to two extremely condecending people who actually tried to make us feel dumb and couldn't help us. They could only see about 1/2 of my account and in the end, could only help me if I was starting a new contract. I just don't understand all of the secrecy around upgrading your phone. I point blank asked exactly how much it would cost for a specific phone and I was given 3 different prices before I was told I should probably go back to my providers store. Not helpful, not even close.

why I haven't posted in so long - I have no idea why I stopped posting here. Maybe I felt like I should just use this as a place to either bitch or talk about my dogs. Given that it's my space, I should be able to bitch and talk about my awesome dogs all I want. I think that's what I'm going to do and anyone who doesn't like that can suck it and stop reading!