Wednesday, January 01, 2003

In with the new...

Or rather...out with the old!! I actually worked on some of my new year's goals today...well, one goal in particular, a job I've been putting off starting for a while now. I began to tear our office apart today and three shelves out of it and down to our living room. Tomorrow Mark is off and we're going to empty the big wooden crate-like set up we have in our living room and get these black shelves into place.

When I was moving boxes around to get the shelves out I realized that a lot of what we've had packed away can be tossed. Last summer I threw out 5 or 6 banana boxes full of papers, magazines, made so much space in our spare room. I'm finding that some of the boxes that were buried at the bottom of the pile are full of similar stuff which can also be tossed. I know it sounds sort of silly but it's exciting for me to be getting organized, finally!

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