Tuesday, January 28, 2003

brrrr...it's supposed to be warmer today but it doesn't feel any warmer from where I'm sitting (which is at my desk, eating my lunch). Every time the front door opens we get a blast of arctic air and it just goes right through me. The cold doesn't ordiniarly bother me but it's driving me nuts today.

Tonight we're going to take our gear to the goodwill. I think that there are 12 or 14 boxes of stuff, all neatly packed and boxed, to haul over there after work. I also have a huge box full of broken down cardboard to take the recycle centre and 4 big bags of garbage to put out. It's going to be so nice when that stuff is gone, the reduction in clutter is so nice. The trick now is to keep it from happening again.

I'm a little surprised to have made it to almost the end of January without being broke. We really watched our pennies this month, only really spending money on groceries and that one trip to IKEA. It made a huge difference and the fact that we have an extra mortgage payment this month (we pay weekly so there are 5 rather than 4 this month) didn't ding us at all. Wow, less clutter, more money, eating healthy...so far, all the stuff I said that I'd do in 2003 is happening. Weird huh?

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