Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Way Back Wednesday - Mint Car

When I was in high school, I didn't know anyone else at my school who liked the Cure.  It was the early 1980's, I had friends outside of school who had relatives in the UK who would send them records and magazines so I was into a lot of stuff that my classmates just didn't know about it.  A couple of really evolved guys who rode the bus me referred to it as "f*g" music.  Charming. They listened to a lot of David Wilcox and George Thorogood and didn't understand folks like Elvis Costello, The Cure, The Damned, Joy Division, The Smiths, Ultravox, Japan... well, not really didn't understand more, didn't know who they were so, it must be scary and weird and bad, right?

At that time, if you had told me that sometime in the mid 1990's, Robert Smith would be on American television singing just about the most perfect pop song ever crafted, I would laughed right in your face!!  It's not that they didn't have poppy little gems here and there, it was just impossible for me to imagine that happening...

Alas, it happened.  Today I'm sharing a clip with you from 1996 to prove it.  Every once in a while, I listen to "Mint Car" and think about how much I love this song.  I sometimes forget about how much I love it and then, I remember and listen to it on repeat about 20 times in a row.  The Cure have so many amazing songs but there is something about this, and I have no idea what it is, that gets into my head and just wants to set up camp for a while.  I'm not complaining, it's a good thing, it's just not something I have an explanation for.

This live version, from the Late Show with David Letterman, is lovely.  I hope you enjoy it as much I did.  Happy Way Back Wednesday kiddies xo

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Because It's Tuesday - week of January 22

It's almost impossible to imagine that the air could feel colder today than it did yesterday but it does.

I think it does anyway.  And there is no breeze this morning so it's just raw, still, cold.  But I'm inside, where it's toasty roasty and warm so I cannot complain.  After all, I live in Canada and it's January and sometimes it gets cold at this time of the year.

Not going to lie though, times like this makes me think about sunshine and warmer weather.  I've never ever done a mid-winter escape.  I'm not a real sun worshiper (fair skin) but I saw a photo on Instagram last night of Sandra Bernhard and Michele Lee, smiling in the California sunshine and for a second, I felt a pang of envy.

So, because it's Tuesday, I'm sharing a cover with you find folks.  Today's cover is the incredible Bobby Womack's version of "California Dreaming." The original is fantastic but I also really love this cover.   Hopefully warm thoughts of California will keep you moving today.  Enjoy xo

Friday, January 18, 2019

Not Guilty Just Pleasure - Gotta Get Back

Well, it's certainly wintery around there this morning.

It feels practically balmy after the last couple of days so you'll not hear me complaining about the temperature.'s Friday again somehow and that means I get to share a song I like for no particular reason.


Actually, it's my blog so I can post anything I want whenever I want but I do try to stick to my self-prescribed themes.

Today's song is by the lovely Shelby Lynne.  I have been a fan of hers for a long long time.  When I took Gracie up to the vet's in Sydenham that last time, we were listening to a CDR in the van.  The CD had John Prine's "In Spite of Ourselves" Album and Shelby Lynne's "I Am Shelby Lynne" on it.  We listened to John Prine's covers all the way up and on the way home, "Gotta Get Back" started to play.  I have no idea what it was about it but I kept hitting repeat and must have listened to it 5 or 6 times.  It made me feel better even though I was softly crying for the entire drive.

So thanks Shelby Lynne.  This version is a little groovier than the album version but it's fun and the video is slick.  Enjoy & happy Friday (and stay safe!) xo

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Cancon Thursday - Come On

Over the holidays, I noticed that Netflix was running a show by that tidy up lady Marie Kondo.  I watched about 1/2 of the first episode before turning it off.  I need to purge stuff in my house and certainly, the way she folds clothes looks efficient and interesting but seriously, my stuff doesn't "spark joy."  I mean, it's January so the house is dry and sometimes I get a shock from things but that's not what she was talking about I'm sure.

Since then, I've seen countless articles and tweets about Ms Kondo.  Everytime I hear her name, I was reminded of another person with a similar sounding name.  The one, the only, Ray Condo.  I do love me some Canadian Rockabilly and Ray Condo and his Hardrock Goners were just super.  When I realized that it's almost 15 years since Ray passed away, I was a bit surprised by how much time had passed and oh so glad that he left us with all of that good stuff that warms our hearts and makes our ears so happy.

As it's Cancon Thursday, I'm sharing Come on by Ray Condo and His Hardrock Goners.  I suggest you take a break (a good long one) from your Marie Kondo tidying and listen to some Ray Condo.  Your house might still be cluttered but your heart will be filled with joy!! xo

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Way Back Wednesday - The Puppy Song

Well we made it this far so pat yourself on the back my friends... it's mid-week, hump day.... good old Wednesday.

It's sort of dreary and really wet outside.  We had freezing rain earlier and then snow on top of it, a wonderful combination.

As I've been puttering around the house today, I realized that it was 2 weeks ago today that I said good bye to my little sheltie puppy girl.  It continues to be an odd adjustment for me to not have a little furry friend to be taking care of.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy spending time with the remaining two resident dogs (Bella and Sophie) who live in my house but it's not the same as it was with my Gracie.

In her honour, my Way Back Wednesday song is by Harry Nilsson...the Puppy Song.  Originally released in 1969, it had a resurgence in popularity when it was featured in the rom-com, "You've Got Mail." in 1996. I don't think that there is an official video for the song but this one features pictures of cute puppies.  Hope you enjoy it and if you have a wonderful furry family member, give them a squeeze and an ear scratch from me xo