Friday, May 22, 2015

Because the 90's

Feeling a little nostalgic today, for no reason in particular.

Shocks me a little bit that these songs are now 20+ years old.  Listening to them makes me feel like I'm still 20+ years old but alas, that's not true.  The songs are still good.  Hell, the songs are still GREAT.  90's indie rock rocked.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Saw this video last week and it's powerful message has stuck with me for days now. 

I urge you to watch it.  Please stick with it until the end and share it after you have watched. 

So often, messages like this seem to be "preaching to the choir" - this is a message I would love to see shared far and wide.

Friday, April 17, 2015

good to go

Sam is extra fluffy after visiting the groomer this morning #eskie #americaneskimodog #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #ilovemydogsWe took a vacation day today.

All week the forecast was crappy but the day turned out to be gorgeous.  The sunshine was lovely and being outside without a jacket on for the first time this year felt amazing.

This afternoon, the doggies had their annual check up at the vet.  We're sort of broke after that but they are both healthy and happy and up to date on their shots, have their worm medicine (to take next week) and we are stocked up heart worm preventative for 6 months and glucosamine supplement. 

Tuckered girl, a morning of pampering is exhausting! #sheltie #shetlandsheepdog #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #ilovemydogsA couple of years ago, when we moved house, we switched vets.  Our old vet was okay.  The techs were amazing the we were always being given the hard sell on their prescription food by the vet and it felt really gross.  We feed our guys a very high quality food which is suitable for their food sensitivities and is made in Canada from human grade ingredients.  It smells so good, I swear you could eat it.  We always felt a little insulted by the way the vet tried to undermine our decision.

We now see Dr Jack at the Sydenham Veterinary Clinic and the dogs love him.  They are always nervous to go to the vets but he's wonderful with them.   The vet techs and reception staff are amazing too.  It's a great location as well because it's situated on a large lot and you can have a nice walk around the property before your appointment.

Fortunately, there is nothing dramatic to report about their check up.  Both dogs are snoozing right now as the drive up there and the shots have zonked them both out.  We're very lucky to have such healthy pups!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Super Sam

Smiley Sammy, Easter Weekend 2008
7 years ago today Sam came to live with us.

7 years!! How did that happen?? It feels like yesterday and forever at the same time.

He was a 7 month old puppy who was being re-homed by his original guardians.  They had a baby on the way and didn’t feel that they could adequately care for two dogs and a baby.  We sure lucked out.

We picked him up, after dark, the Thursday of Easter Weekend.  Looking back, we had purchased a bed, blanket, collar, tags, leash and food for him (and some toys) to prepare for his arrival but we seriously had no idea what we were getting in for.

Unbeknownst to us, Sam had never worn a collar or been on a leash.  I put his collar and leash on him and as soon as we got outside, he slipped out of it and took off.  Across the icy lawn, in the dark.  Fortunately, he came back to us with very little coaxing.  I held him in my lap for the ride home.  The dark and the passing lights seemed to frighten him during the 15 minute drive to our house.  It could have been the car ride too, or the fact that some folks he didn’t know very well were taking him away somewhere.

Mark carried Sam into the house (we were not taking another chance the collar/leash until we were in the daylight again) and Sam proceeded to take a giant poop in the middle of the living room.  I’m not surprised, he must have been terrified.  After the poop though, he wandered around the house sniffing everything he could.

That was a long night for all three of us.  I don’t think any of us slept.  We spent the rest of the weekend trying to figure each other out.  We sure made a lot of mistakes along the way but Sam didn’t seem to be too bothered by them.  Lucky for us.

We love you sweet Sammy and are so happy to have you in our family.  Thanks for 7 years of fun and tummy rubs and white hair everywhere.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


King Street West #ygk #winter #gateI am in klutz mode.

In the past 24 hours I have banged my bean on the car and stubbed 3 different fingers on 3 separate occasions.  In addition to that, I've given myself several paper cuts, dropped almost everything I have dared to touch in the kitchen at home and tripped over my own feet several times.  I think I reefed my back/hip shoveling on Monday.  This morning I dropped a towel into the bathtub while the shower was still running.

These are not things I normally do.

The klutz stuff has made feel grumpy and generally agitated and somewhat argumentative.  Kind of like PMS but not so edgy.  Argh, no fun at all!!

Not sure what the cause is.  Whatever it is can stop.  Now please!? The weather has been pretty nasty here for the past few days, lots of snow, horrible traveling conditions back and forth to work... maybe that's what's thrown me off.  I love the snow, it's beautiful, I just don't like the worry and stress of traveling in snow storms every day. 

I keep telling myself it'll get better tomorrow, hopefully, one of these days, I'll be right!