Wednesday, January 08, 2003

I love sun-shiney days...the sun is pouring into our office and it's actually warming up in here. It's so hard to type when your hands are stinks! I can hear the old boiler / furnace banging

One nice thing about January is that it's usually bright. I know that so many folks get completely bummed out in November and December due to the lack of light. I was in this medical supply place the other night and noticed that they had one of those lamps that folks with SAD use at this time of the year.

Mark suffers from a mild case of SAD, particularly in December. I almost asked the clerk how much the floor model was but resisted. The snow has really brightened things up, way more than a lamp ever could.

I’ve really noticed a difference the past week or so, with the longer days, that people are a little happier, or at least a little less grumpy than they have been. I’m not sure exactly how much that has to do with the extra sunlight or with the relief everyone feels to have the holidays behind them for another year.

I’m just taking a quick break right now. I think I have my work groove back. I’m having a terrific day, getting lots of stuff accomplished. Maybe the cold in the office was good…maybe I work harder when I’m trying to keep warm….mmm….hopefully that doesn’t mean that I’ll start to slack off now that I have thawed out!

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