Thursday, February 15, 2007

curvy snow

curvy snow
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we're having a groovy kind of winter, if the snow on our neighbour's roof is any indication.

Valentine's Day brought with it a huge ass snowstorm.

In this part of the world, we didn't get much of a dump of the white stuff as others did. I must say, we're always a little amused when Toronto gets a load. It's beyond amusing to wonder if they'll call in the Army again!

Mostly it's just been really cold here recently. I'm getting tired of it. Not so much the cold as the boots. I hate wearing boots because it feels like I spend most of my day getting in and out of them. Tying and untying shoes and boots...sometimes my sock goes with the boot and I feel like I'm back in Mrs Roach's kindergarten class again, hopping around on one socked foot, trying to avoid putting the naked foot on the melted-snow-puddle covered floor. My sock feels soggy in my shoe right now, just remembering that.

I'm also sick of dry skin. No matter how much I loofah or how much shea butter I use, I feel like a snake who is just about to shed his skin.

Dry skin and soggy socks. Those two things, coupled with the act of unlocking a deadbolt while wearing mittens are really what winter's all about for me this year. I'm looking forward to giving up all three. Anytime now!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

desperation is...

...middle-aged men, glassy eyed, frantic. wandering around in costco tonight...bunches of cut flowers in one hand, way too big boxes of candy bars in the other...trying to make the right decision. trying to pick a gift that won't look too much like they left it until literally the last minute.

aah, valentine's day...doesn't it just make you feel all tingly inside?

Monday, February 12, 2007

why can't I look away??

every once in a while, after work, Mark or I will be flicking around on the television and we'll pause for a few minutes on the Y&R. we've both watched it off and on over the past 20-some-odd years and it only really takes a few moments, a couple of times a year, to catch up. it's far-fetched and a good giggle and the acting is hilarious (if you can call it acting)...

...over the weekend, I kept flicking into the ongoing saga of the death of Anna Nicole Smith. plots keep developing in that soap opera much faster than I ever thought they could. on Friday afternoon at work, we all had a little giggle about the Prince Frederick as baby daddy twist. Today, when I learned about the frozen sperm angle, I laughed out loud. It all seems like some over-blown soap opera. Cartoon-ish really. because of the surreal-ness of it all, I just can't stop following the story...the interviews with casino staff, looking at photos of her fridge contents. It's all so bizarre and soapy. I know that on some level it's wrong to be entertained by all of this.

I know that a woman has died here and that's sad, although not entirely unexpected. I have a feeling that Anna would have liked how much attention this story was getting if she actually knew what was going on so maybe that's why I'm okay with my morbid fascination in this big mess!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

is anyone really shocked? hear that Anna Nicole Smith is dead?

All joking aside, I was more surprised, earlier ths week, when I heard that Frankie Laine had passed away.

Luckily, the tabloids still have handy and eager future train wrecks like Britney, Paris and Lindsay to help keep sales up.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

no way!

saturday storm
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According to the environment Canada website, there is a minus 21 wind chill outside. I just came out from spending almost an hour outside and there is no way that it is that cold. Maybe down by the lake (where the airport is - where they monitor the conditions) it's that cold.

The sun is shining and everything is sparkly and pretty and fresh and it's a lovely day. The sun is making the snow and ice on the van melt actually.

We got dumped on yesterday in a big way. It stopped for a little while last evening so we made a quick run to the drug store and on the way home the winds kicked up. The drug store is less than 5 minutes from our house and I'm glad we didn't have to be out very long. Coming home, we had to drive through this really large intersection and the traffic lights were all messed up. Because of the blowing snow, you couldn't see very well so it was difficult to do the "four way stop" rules thing.

Late yesterday afternoon, while it was still snowing, I went out to try to get a jump on the shovelling. A friend of Mark's had been over for coffee earlier in the afternoon and you could not see his footprints in the driveway anymore. I got the porch, steps and walkway done and had the driveway about 1/3 finished when our wonderful neighbour, Tommy, showed up with in mini-plow. He did the bottom of the driveway for me. I was so happy. I managed to clean the van off and back it up into the clean spot of the drive way so I could shovel the top part. He hollered at me to pull it out onto the street and he did the top part too. We have great neighbours!

This morning there was a little cleaning up to do, mostly from the blowing snow last night. I dug out the deck too this morning because there was almost 2 feet of snow on it and we would have a tough time getting out the back door if we needed to do so in a hurry.

Now that we're all dug out, I'm not sure if we're actually going anywhere today. I'd like to maybe go no further than for a walk in the snow and spend the rest of the day watching movies. I have a whole bunch of things sitting here on my computer just waiting to be watched so it would be fun to get through some of them.

The other day, we saw "Jesus Camp." It scared the crap out of me, seriously. It was tough to watch because, in my opinion, the kids at that camp were being abused. It felt like child abuse to me. They were quite literally brain washing those kids and didn't seem to me that this is what being a Christian is supposed to be about. If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure that worshipping a cardboard cutout of George W. Bush on an altar is breaking a commandment. It's scary but worth seeing I think.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

mysterious notification

mysterious notification
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do you think that this is for real?

I found it in my inbox tonight but can't find any details on a New York show anywhere and it's not listed on pollstar anymore!!

how much fun would it be to see them again in New spring...