Monday, January 20, 2003

Well I didn't post all weekend. This is sort of odd for me. The weekend was kind of a blur (again) and it just slipped by. I spent Saturday tidying up around the house. We went for groceries too (this is always less fun than it seems) and had dinner with Mark's dad. He's still healing and the nurses have suggested that he not go outside in the extreme cold. We got take-away from Swiss Chalet and had dinner at his apartment. I think he was happy for the company. He's going a little stir crazy.

Yesterday we bopped up to Nepean to the IKEA store. We needed some extra pieces for our shelving unit. We are putting it into the corner of our computer room and needed the corner pieces. It's going to look really good. Eventually, we'd like to have the entire room full of this particular unit (STEN). We'll even make a computer desk with it and get rid of the one we have (it's really beaten up and kinda crappy). I think we're going to do a little bit every night on it and hopefully get it all in by the weekend. I'll snap some pics when it's done. I have the "before" shots already, it's quite a mess.

Work's flying by today. I can't believe I'm over half-way through Monday already. Must the be the sunshine or something. Whatever it is, I'm not complaining!!

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