Thursday, January 09, 2003

Do you find it odd that there have been so many plane crashes over the past couple of days. I guess it's just the weather or something. If you look at the maps, the weather is all over the place. It does seem weird though that I've heard about 4 or 5 biggish plane accidents the past couple of days.

I had a pretty non-eventful day. Work was pretty busy, we're finalizing a couple of big projects at the moment. I have one that I'm doing for another unit in our department that I'll be doing at home this weekend. Nice thing about that one is that there is some extra cash involved (which is always nice). It shouldn't be too time consuming either (which is also nice).

One thing that does need to get done this weekend is our driveway. We haven't really kept it cleaned up this week since the snow hit us. Mark was out working on it yesterday and did a terrific job on it. Unfortunately, we got dumped on last night and it's snowing again right now. I hope it ends soon. The temperature seems to be dropping so hopefully that will put an end to the white stuff for a while.

Nice thing about shovelling though is that it is heavy-ish exercise in the great outdoors so it makes for good sleeping at the end of the day...speaking of which, I hear my pillow calling my name...nighty-night!!

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