Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Well half of the hallway mountain is gone now. We just ripped through those boxes last night. On our downstairs landing we now have two piles, one for recycling/garbage and one for Goodwill. Only 5 small boxes have been allowed back into the office and onto the shelves. So far 10 boxes of books and counting. Mark and I both found stuff that we hadn't seen in years. An amazing amount of junk. Some valuable (read "ebay") some not (read "goodwill") some embarrassing (read "garbage").

The whole process is moving along a lot faster than I thought it would. Guess if we take an hour or so every night, and don't think about things too much (ie get too wrapped up in what we're doing therefore allowing time to get sentimental about junk in boxes) it goes fairly quickly. Yay!! Will have beautiful bathroom finished before we know it!!

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