Friday, January 03, 2003

woohoo...winter's here, finally!!

We're getting snowed on, right now, as I type. We had to go out this afternoon and do a couple of errands and the roads were pretty slick. It wasn't that we had a tonne of the white stuff or anything, it was just very packy snow and the plows and sanders hadn't been out yet. It looks loverly out there right now (although I think I can hear someone stuck outside at the mo).

Our long weekend is ticking along and we're enjoying ourselves. We got stocked up on provisions and don't have to be anywhere or do anything this weekend so I think we'll stick close to home. We didn't bother going out for the computer bits and bobs this afternoon, Mark's watching the prices on some memory so we may wait a little bit to get that project done. He moved some of the heavy stuff up here from the living room this afternoon though. Tomorrow I'm going to finish emptying the shelves and then we get them taken apart and the new ones installed. It's starting to look really good downstairs, a lot bigger and brighter. We probably should have done this ages ago...oh well, we didn't, we're doing it now, and it looks terrific!! yay, us!!

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