Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween!!

happy halloween!!
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it looks like we've had a break in the storm. the sun actually seemed to trying to poke through the clouds a few minutes ago. of course, it'll be dark in a few moments so that will have been short-lived.

with any kind of luck, it won't rain on the wee ones tonight. we've got the rest of our decorations up, mark has the strobe light set up in the basement window under the porch so that will be cool when it's good and dark.

I have enough goodie bags for 120 kids. after that, the door will be closed. I'm sure it'll be fun and all but I'm not really feeling that well. I've felt a little off for a couple of days now and I think I had a fever all day, I definitely had a headache and some joint ache. yuck. I'm sure that seeing lots of cute kids will make me feel better. how can it not??

Monday, October 30, 2006

kingston at night

kingston at night
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if they had a contest to see which city had the most asshole drivers per capita, across ontario, I'm sure that Kingston could win.

tonight, after work, we needed to go to the bank and to costco. on oue way home, this jerk in a giant pickup truck (is it me or does it just seem like all of these asshole drive pick-up trucks?) tries to pull out to pass us, as we're changing lanes along concession street. if you have ever travelled concession street you will remember that as soon as you cross the intersection from bath or princess onto concession, there are two immediate right turns: one into the liquor store and one into the beer store. There are a lot of dozey folks driving along this strip of road, most of the time.

Just past the beer store, two lanes of traffic join into one. As Mark started changing lanes (to get out of the one that was ending), this truck-hole speeds up to get past us. Fortunately, Mark sped up or he would have hit us. Once we got past him, we saw him turn right onto Macdonnell street. Like, he wanted to get past us so we would have to stop to let him turn. Asshole?

Another guy cut us off in the same spot on Friday night. I had my camera out that time and got him on video - Ontario plate 835 RSS. Should have been "835 ASS" but I'm sure that was taken by some other bad driver. Maybe they should have a contest about this, we didn't win Hockeyville but maybe we could win assholeville.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

autumn leaves

autumn leaves
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Today ended up being very lazy. very very lazy actually. We watched a buttload of television. A few episodes of Weeds (season 2), a couple of episodes of Extras (the last one from season 1 and the first from season 2 - holy crap that is one funny show).

In the middle of all of the watching of the tv, I sorted out Joe's clothing. It's something I'd been avoiding but that I'm glad I did. I have four piles now. There is a Mark pile, a "rag bag" pile, a goodwill pile and a garbage pile. We still have to sort through all of his personal items, mostly just photos and knick knacks. I think that will wait for another day. The clothes was a big messy thing that needed doing. I know that when the time comes to sort through the other things, that will be sad. Right now, I know that Joe would be really happy if he knew that someone was going to be really warm this winter with the things we're giving to charity.

I'm so glad that I took some time last weekend to snap a few photos of the fall colours. They are totally gone right now.

Partly they are gone because it's dark out (one of the downsides of the time change). Mostly they are gone because the wind has been howling all day.

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if our power went off soon. There has been a hydro truck parked directly across the street from us for a little while. We first noticed it when our living room lit up and there was a huge skeleton shadow on the wall above the television.

The shadow was neat, the lights on the tv was not. They are working on something out there and the wind is still howling.

Hopefully it's not a hydro truck. It would be better for me if it was a phone truck. We have voip so I don't think that would bug us if the phone lines conked out.

Happy thoughts huh??

Saturday, October 28, 2006

stuff what I did today

halloween candy
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1. woke up, leisurely
2. drank coffee, it was delicious
3. did laundry, 4 loads full
4. baked bread, with multi-grain goodness
5. vacuumed the whole upstairs
6. cleaned the kitchen (including the stove which I have been avoiding and which now sparkles like nobody's business)

I feel good to have accomplished so much today. It's been a while since I've felt really productive. Mark helped out too, he got a bunch of things done as well but I won't list 'em because I didn't do 'em

Tomorrow should be a lazy day I think. It was rainy and miserable here all day today so I didn't really feel inspired to get out and do stuff. It made doing stuff inside so much easier.

Oh, btw, this is a picture of the goodie bags we're shelling out on Tuesday night. They are piled up in my office and smell very bubble-gummy.


Friday, October 27, 2006

cold & lonely little june bug

cold & lonely little june bug
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It feels good.

At work today, I actually accomplished two projects that were on my to do list. Two things that I have wanted to get to for a few weeks now but they were shoved to the bottom of the priority list by more urgent items. It felt really good to have an opportunity to actually work on my own stuff for a change.

I actually left the office tonight, sans laptop. Huh? Yeah, you heard me, no laptop! No office work for this chickie this weekend.

I have many many many things that I hope to get done around the house this weekend. Things of the cleaning variety. Things of the "oh crap I can't believe that I have left that for this long" ilk.

The weather is supposed to be horribly shitty this weekend. We did errands on the way home tonight which, should it happen, allow us to avoid going out at all if we don't feel like it.

In other news, we saw this little lonely june bug (I think it's a june bug, it looks like one to us) in the parking lot at the grocery store. Funny how sometimes you don't think twice about stomping on a bug and other times, well you just may feel a little sorry for them.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I love a boring day!

Today was typically busy but different in a couple of ways.

1. I did not feel a sense of panic at any time during the day. This is a big deal because I've frequently felt that way recently.

2. I took a break for about 45 minutes, went to the building next door to where I work and ate my lunch with a friend. This is also a big deal (although it shouldn't be) because I've not been taking breaks with any regularity.

Right now, I'm home for the night. We don't have any errands to do, nothing to keep us from home. I'm glad because I'm tired, dog tired. I yawned the entire way home, seriously. I'm yawning as I type this actually.

Being home feels good and honestly, too often recently, I don't feel good. I'm going to relish this.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

ya got no water

when we drove up our street tonight, we noticed that our new neighbours had their front flower bed completely ripped up.

The bed is beneath their living room window, just to the right of their front porch. Mark commented that it looked like they were excavating for an enterance to the basement (perhaps for a basement apartment - this is pretty common in our neighbourhood). To me, it seemed more like they were having a problem of some sort because there two guys in the hole and two ladies "overseeing" the job from the driveway.

As we walked up our front step, our new next door neighbour lady said to us, "ya got no water."

My first thought was, great, they hit something while digging and now the street has been turned off. I looked at Mark and could tell that he was thinking the same "oh shit" thing that I was. She kept staring us and I realized that her statement was actually a question, "ya got no water" = "do you have water in your basement?"

She went on to explain that they had a full basement last night and that they were trying to figure it out. It looks like they have a big job on their hands.

Fortunately, we had no water in our basement. It was dry as a bone. Of course our water in the pipes was still running. It was just sort of a weird exchange. For a moment, it felt like we were both speaking different languages.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


My halloweenie window decorations are up!

They look great.

We don't go nuts with the fake grave yard on the front lawn or anything but we will "spook up" the porch on the night.

I haven't taken any photos yet but I will.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

short week

...why do short weeks always feel so long?

I guess it is the result of cramming five days of work into 4 days. forget feeling restful kiddos. it's going to be another busy week.

Oh well, I should have been smarter than to think that I'd be able to maintain my more mellow composure upon returning to work.

I suppose that it's better to busy working in a job I very much like than to be unemployed and worried. perspective is a very valuable thing, isn't it?

Monday, October 09, 2006

giving thanks

happy thanksgiving day everyone.

as I say every year, remember folks, you are what you eat!

we, on the other hand have had a blissfully, turkey-free weekend. today, I have even had a long over-due opportunity to be a veg, so far anyway.

I can't imagine that anything will change that, how nice huh?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

ode to an empty grocery store

sometimes I don't mind going shopping. when I was younger, I was a bit of a mallrat, as were my friends.

these days, if I have something I sort of need to get and the weather isn't too bad and the stores aren't too busy, I can shop. When it's really desperate though, like I have no food in the house and I have no choice but to shop, and it's raining, well then it's not fun.

this morning, heathens that we are, we shopped while everyone else was in church, being thankful. it was so nice to get parked easily, to have the stores practically to ourselves and to not have to deal with folks who seem, quite frankly, too frightened to drive, in the parking lots.

with the errands run and the laundry done (got that done yesterday), I might actually be able to put my feet up tomorrow. How nice will that be?!!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

woke up...

...fell out of bed...

well, sort of.

I got up at 3:45 a.m. to pee and was unable to get back to sleep. nice huh?? the first saturday that I haven't worked in a while and I couldn't sleep in!!

I did get some things done though:

1. changed the beds and washed all the bedding
2. did the last odds and ends of Joe's laundry
3. packed away my summer clothes
4. pulled out and sorted my fall clothes
5. baked a loaf of bread
6. cleaned up the kitchen
7. did some dusting
8. watched 3 episodes (intermittently) of "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels"
9. helped mark start the emptying of the pool process

I've yet to have a shower but I'll get to that soon.

Tomorrow, I'll do more laundry and get some groceries and very little else!

Friday, October 06, 2006

too much time on my hands (not really)

as I typed that "topic" line I was reminded of a really bad Styx song from my childhood. the things that your brain will retrieve huh?? it's sick

today was marginally better at work. I say marginally because I didn't feel like crying in frustration too many times. that has to be an improvement over yesterday, doesn't it?

I spent a little while this morning, organizing myself. this is not something I've had much opportunity to do just recently and I think it's what contributed to my mini-meltdown yesterday. going through the various mounds of paper on my desk was very comforting. I discovered that about 1/4 of it was shred-able, and about 1/4 of it was heading for the recycle box. Of the half that was left, a small amount could be filed into a binder, the rest was divided into actual project folders. no longer am I the pile's bitch!! I was able to deal with about 1 and 1/2 project folders and have a better idea of what exactly I need to be doing over the next week.

I'd hoped to get so far ahead of the game that I could actually take a day off next week but I don't think that will happen. it's okay though, I might actually get some proper sleep this weekend and take one of the three days off, completely off.

how nice will that be??

Thursday, October 05, 2006

meltdown much?

today was not a good day.

I think that everything that's been going on in my life over the past 6 weeks or so has just caught up with me, or rather did today.

I know that I've been working too much but don't feel like I can control that.

I know that Mark and I spent a day and a half, just two weeks ago, watching his dad struggle for breath, waiting for him to die. I'm glad that we were there for him but it was one of the most horrific things that I have ever had to witness. I would have felt much worse about it if I thought that he was actually in any pain while the whole thing was happening. It's just not an easy thing to face, it's definitely nothing like what you see on soap operas. It's not romantic or sexy, it's difficult and gut-wrenching and draining.

I think that between all the working I've been doing, all the sleep that I haven't been getting, the death watch, the funeral, the aftermath...it's just hit me today like a mack truck.

work was extraordinarily frustrating today. right now, I'm at a point where I know that I have a shit load of work to do but I can't seem to get any time to figure it out exactly. this makes me jump into a mode of reaction. I don't like to have to be constantly reacting to situations. ordinarily I'm more organized than that. I can usually see around corners. I can't do that right now. the only things that I think saved my sanity today were being able to go home to Mark and vent and having lunch with a friend earlier in the day. I almost cancelled on her but I'm glad that I didn't. I needed the little bit of a walk to where I was meeting her and I needed just to see someone who didn't need anything from me.

aarrrgghhhh....if only I could get a good night's sleep, maybe I'd feel less like crying than I do right now.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

don't fear the ripa

yanno, I was just listening to the Beautiful South's cover of "Don't Fear the Reaper."

for a moment, it sounded like "don't fear the ripa" to me.

I think folks should fear Kelly Ripa.

she sure as hell frightens me.


Monday, October 02, 2006

too tired to sleep?

I'm up and almost ready for work but I don't feel like I got any rest at all over the weekend.

rest is probably for weenies anyway.

I think I've gotten to a point where I'm too tired to get a good night's rest. When I do get to sleep, I dream about work and that wakes me up.

it's not good, is it?

Sunday, October 01, 2006


so I ended up working 12 hours yesterday, it was a really long day but it all went well. that's the most important thing.

My feet were so sore by the time I got home that I had a tough time falling asleep. I'm still feeling a little yucky as far as the cold symptoms go but I don't think that this will develop into a full-blown cold. right now, it feels more like a "hey I'm overtired" type of thing. I will NOT get sick!

the only thing that I've really accomplished today has been cleaning up the kitchen and doing the laundry. that's good I guess. I would have liked to have cleaned some more but I didn't have the energy.

I did find my halloween decorations though. Mark told me though (and he's right, I know) that I probably shouldn't put them up until the pool is put away. I tried to convince him that we can turn the pool into a giant apple bobbing tank but he didn't go for it!