Friday, June 29, 2007


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Have you had your fill of fresh local strawberries yet?

Oh my goodness but they're good this year. I think that they are better than last year but it's entirely possible that they were just as good last year. I think you forget actually. Over time, you forget how good they were last year and just focus on the goodness of spring and the juicy berries.

It's an awesome time of the year.

Soon, we'll have fresh local asparagus (if we don't already - I haven't been to the store yet this week). You just have to love this time of the year. We're so lucky that we live in this particular part of the country and that we have access to such delicious produce.

So, I'm officially on vacation. I was scheduled to work this afternoon but took it off. Honestly, I'm feeling rather beaten up and I just wanted to get home as quickly as I could. I've done very little since I've been home, had some lunch, typed a little, that's it.

It feels good, I need a break, I know I do. I fully intend to enjoy doing very little for the remainder of my holiday. Mark will start his in a little while too and I'm pretty sure he plans to do very little as well!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

H2O for Pink Floyd?

H2O for Pink Floyd?
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We this truck fairly often, usually when we're visiting the big metropolis of Napanee, Ontario.

Ordinarily, we see it in traffic, on Sunday, it was parked, in the parking lot of the mall we were stopping at for groceries. It always makes us laugh because of Roger Waters and it says "Rogers Water" and we're simple. At times anyway. Water trucks amuse us, but not to death, if yanno what I mean.

So it's almost the long weekend here in Kingston, just like it's almost the long weekend all across this gorgeous nation of ours. As an added bonus for us, Mark and I are starting a little mini-vacation tomorrow too. Mark is taking off Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, I'll be off all of next week. I'm really looking forward to it. We're going to be out of town for a couple of days in the middle of it but other than that, we play to kick back and do not too much.

I really love just hanging out at home these days. I have a few chores to get done at some point but seriously, the majority of my time will be spent outside. I cannot wait. I know that I must wait but it'll be tough. I can do it though!

who can turn the world on with her smile?

I love that I live in Canada and not in the United States.

I love that Canadians will vote for someone who is as awesome and magical and cool as Montana is.

How can you not just love her?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I think I'm having a weird week so far. It's not necessarily a good weird week. I don't actually feel much like talking about it because it'll probably not make me feel better about stuff.

Anyway, this did cheer me up. thank you gods and goddesses of you tube for posting these clips. they really help keep me sane.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

blast from the past

I will always prefer Kirsty's version of the song but you can't beat Tracy's video for "they don't know"

not exactly william holden

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It is a gorgeous day here in the Limestone City.

I awoke early this morning, determined to get up and out early. My goal was to be home from running errands by 9 a.m. While the coffee dripped and Mark still snoozed, I put the chair cushions out on the deck. I stood on the deck, looking over the yard, seeing how big the plants in Mark's vegetable patch are getting, noticing all of the leaves and plant debris that is on the deck from the storm...and oh yeah, the dead squirrel in the pool.

Part of me felt smug about it. We've been battling the little lawn rats all spring. They've torn up our shed and just been a pain in our butts. The other part of me wondered how much extra chlorine we'd need to use in the pool once we fished the squirrel corpse out of the water. A little while later, I was sitting at the kitchen table with Mark, having a cup of coffee and noticed another squirrel up on the edge of the pool, trying to wade in. I hit the door and he scurried off. Honestly, they are not smart creatures. "Hey Chuck, what are you doing in the water?? What!?? C'mon, don't be a jerk, tell me. Don't sulk, it looks like fun, I'm coming in too..." We mused that he must have thought that it if the dead guy was in there, it must be a good spot to hang out in.

While I was out doing errands, Mark was on squirrel removal duty. One of the things I got when I was out was a new pump for the pool. Mark's got it hooked up and we've shocked the pool and I've done some cleaning on it. It'll be good as new in a couple of hours. The pump I got this morning is actually for a larger pool than ours (just one size up) so the water is moving around with a more powerful force.

The clean up took way longer than we expected. Mark's been cleaning fish tanks too and I'm in the middle of doing laundry so I'm not sure if we're going to venture too much further than the back yard today. We'll see.

Hope you're all having a happy, dead-squirrel-free Saturday!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

campus construction

campus construction
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I've been having a busy week and have been not spending as much time in front of the computer as I normally would.

This is a good thing and a bad thing I suppose. It's good because I've been out and doing other things. It's bad cuz there are lots of things I should probably be working on that I'm not.

Oh well, if the weather stays rainy (it's raining here right now) over the weekend, I suspect that I'll have lots of time to get stuff done inside.

I had good news (thanks mum!!) about strawberries. The place we usually go for strawberries is open again and mum reports that they are really lovely this year. Mark has learned of another strawberry farm in the east end (our traditional place is near Adolphustown - to the west) which we want to check out as well. Add to that, the Skeleton Park Music Festival and some chores and you can see that we'll be spoiled for choice on Saturday.

It's a nice problem have to have I think!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

not very bloggy

playing on the compost heap
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I haven't felt much like posting here over the past few days. I probably should have though, to at least get a record of how I've been feeling down. Unfortunately, I've been overwhelmed with sadness about the murder which took place on Sunday morning.

I help out the Kingston Area Taxi Operators Association by updating their webpage. I've been keeping it updated with articles from our local newspaper about the murder.

The cab community here in town is tight. Not everyone knows everyone by name necessarily but they mostly know each other to say hello or nod when two cars pass in the street. When an act of violence is committed against a cabbie, everyone feels it. This murder has left me feeling numb. I still cannot believe it has happened.

Neither Mark nor I slept very well on Monday night. On Monday, when I couldn't get ahold of him on his phone, I sort of freaked out. The killer is still at large and I'm really feeling nervous about that. His phone battery has been going for a while and I've been putting off replacing his phone because I thought it would be too expensive. After work on Monday, we went directly to the phone place and upgraded his phone. It's a better phone and is way more reliable than the one he'd been using. It only cost us $11 too, so I was silly to have put it off for so long. Funny how a tragedy can make you move huh?

The cab driver murder was not an isolated act of insanity over the weekend. On Friday, an HIV+ woman bit a cop (a friend of mine witnessed the whole thing, the poor woman was crazed apparently). On Saturday, someone was stabbed leaving a mall in the city's west end. Also on Saturday, another person robbed a pharmacy at knifepoint.

It feels like there are some really bad drugs in town. That's the only thing I can think of which would explain all of these strange, violent acts happening at the same time. I hope that's it anyway. I hope that a chemical issue is responsible for these senseless acts. If it's not, well that would just hurt my heart a little too much to even think about right now.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

shocked and extremely disburbed

we got home from Ottawa a couple of hours ago. we had a great day but returned home to read this news:

From the Whig Standard Website

Cab Driver Killed
Jordan Press
Sunday, June 17, 2007 - 00:00

Local News
- A 50-year-old Kingston cab driver is dead after being stabbed early this morning.

Police said an Amey's taxi driver was stabbed on Durham Street near Victoria Street before 7 a.m. His car was found more than a kilometre away parked in the corner of the An Clachan apartment complex on Van Order Drive near Sir John A. Macdonald Boulevard.

Forensic and volunteer officers combed both scenes for evidence and a weapon that may have been used in the attack.

In a release, police said at this time there is no motive for the killing. Police have also not released the name of the victim.

More information is to come as the investigation continues.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

feels like summer

feels like summer
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are you having fun today? or rather, did you have fun today?

I've had fun today.

the weather was absolutely amazing here, I got my chores done early, got into the pool on two separate occasions and spent some time visiting with friends.

life is good.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

salad bar

salad bar
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the white fish in this photo is named Chocolate. she (we think she's a she) is a chocolate oranda. when we brought her home she was brown. later on, she turned gold, then orange and most recently white.

she's a pretty funny fish, she spends a lot of time eating bubbles. recently, she scared us because she started swimming upside down and spending a lot of time at the top of the tank. I looked into it and she seemed to be exhibing symptoms of swim bladder disorder. it's suggested that you soak food and force fish to eat at the bottom of the tank to prevent them from sucking in air. we already do that a lot and after she's dug around in the rocks for food, she's right back at it, eating bubbles again.

it was also suggested that the weird floating/swimming could be the result of constipation. Mark found these lettuce clips at the pet store and we now have them in both tanks. they are the coolest things. you just put a piece of lettuce in the clip, put it in the tank and watch the fish go nuts. it's like a shoving match at a salad bar. hilarious.

it also seemed to have helped the constipation issue (not to mention create really green poop) with chocolate and the rest of the fish are loving it too. lettuce? who knew! it's definitely cheap and easy. one article I read suggested surgery, on a fish. I'm glad that the lettuce worked because surgery on a fish is not an option for me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


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is it hot hot hot in your neck of the woods?

it's still hot hot hot here but not hot hot hot hot hot like it was yesterday. today we have a breeze and it is good. it's still humid and all but at least the air is moving.

we just got home from costco. I would like to move in to their walk-in produce cooler. it's nice and cold and you can see your breath in front of you as you select your mushrooms and what not.

I'm glad to be home, very very glad. it was very hot in our office today and I had a hard time concentrating by the mid-afternoon. Part of me would like to go get into our pool and the other part wants to hide in the house, in the air conditioning and eat chicken salad in front of the television.

If I wanted to, I suppose I could eat chicken salad in the pool but that doesn't sound quite so appealing.

seriously, the heat has fried my brain today but then, I'm sure you can tell that already without me pointing it out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hot enough for you?

hot enough for you?
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36. The humidex is 36.

The humidex should not be 36 in June.

But again, climate change is a myth.

Science Schmience.

I'm getting in the pool. This is nonsense.

now with more cowbell

Here's another early 90's flashback to share...

Monday, June 11, 2007

start of a summer storm

start of a summer storm
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Because I'm nosey and like to know what is going on at City Hall, a few years ago I signed up for their newsletter. It's handy in some ways because I'm always in the loop about road closures and planned power outages. It's also silly because I receive notices about all kinds of municipal events which I would never participate in.

Many of you may have heard that our town leaders are attempting to build a large venue event complex in the downtown area. While I agree that Kingston does need a venue like this, I'm not a huge fan of the location. Having said that, I've been amused at some of the fundraising efforts that the city is making to fund this project. The best one so far, I received a notice about in my inbox for today.

In their infinite wisdom, the city is holding a free concert starring April Wine and Kim Mitchell. Now, I've seen both of these folks before. April Wine I saw in August 1981 with my high school buddies, I think I was in college in the late 80's when we saw Kim Mitchell in a bar. Neither one was terrific but they were mildly amusing for the time. I cannot imagine going to see them now, even if the event is free.

Apparently, commemorative tshirts will be sold and the proceeds from the shirt sales will go to the arena project. This makes no sense to me. Why not charge for the concert and sell tshirts at the same time? This just seems really odd to me. I get why they probably figure that they won't sell any tickets to this show but I can't for the life me imagine that they will actually sell enough shirts to make this worthwhile. Kingston is full of gawkers, even on the start of a long weekend and these folks will not want to put their hands in their pockets for a tshirt commermorating a half-rate concert.

Then again, what the hell do I know? I actually thought that the new arena should be built somewhere with parking. Foolish huh?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

too much of a good thing

apres sheep
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I definitely got too much sun yesterday.

Last night, it had cooled off a bit so we had left the A/C off (it had been off all day) when we went to bed. I think I had a bit of a sunburn and was generally zapped by the sun because I could not fall asleep for more than 15 minutes at a time. I couldn't get comfortable and there was no breeze so the house was quite still and I was really overly warm.

Eventually, at around 2 a.m., I got up and closed the windows (in the dark!) and turned the A/C back on. Eventually, I was able to fall asleep but I had really bizarre dreams. I was up again at 4 a.m. and then again at 6 a.m. and finally, I got up around 7 a.m. Not the most restful night on record, that's for sure. We cancelled our plans for today and stayed home. I'm really glad we did too because my stomach was upset, on top of all of that. Again, I blame the sun.

Right now, I'm anxiously waiting for the last episode of the Sopranos to start. We had fallen behind a few episodes but got all caught up over the weekend (thank you DVR). It's been such an excellent show over the year, absolutely one of our favourites. It'll be tough to say good-bye but I'm sure that Mr Chace and company will not disappoint us.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

recycling or yard waste?

recycling or yard waste?
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today was literally a perfect summer day, and it's not even summer yet. not offically anyway.

I woke up this morning with a head full of allergies and actually had quite a bad headache. eventually I got myself together though and we went out and did some errands. the errands were of the drop stuff off at the municipal compost heap and go to the garden centre variety. I planted flowers last weekend and this weekend Mark is planting veggies. We needed some dirt and peat moss and some extra patio stones (for the pool area, not for the veggie garden). We actually got a great deal on everything we needed for the yard at a large, Canadian hardware chain store, much to the surprise of both of us.

After the work was done, we did some floating in the pool. I love floating in the pool. We have discovered that our little water bottles (the ones that are similar to nalgene but are not) can hold a whole bunch of ice and a "cooler" beverage. They make the perfect little cocktail for pool floating. nice!

Of course, now, headache + medicine + errands + sunshine + water + vodka = really sleepy me...and it's only early. I'll get my second wind yet, I'm sure.

yay for sunny weekend, so far, this one is excellent!

happy saturday

aah...were we ever really this young?

Friday, June 08, 2007

when pigs fly

I posted my very first video to you tube today. I shot it on Wednesday evening at the Roger Waters concert. It's really short but I think it gives a good perspective of the flying pig. Roger and the band were playing "Sheep" from "Animals" while the pig roamed around the arena. I've got a longer post started about the whole show which I will probably finish and publish over the weekend. In the meantime, I just wanted to share this with you.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

home, home again


we just got home. the show was quite good. theatrical, dazzling, overwhelming really.

it's been a long day so we're heading to bed now.

I'm sure that I'll more to say about it tomorrow.

for now, it's just, wow.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

ready to go

ready to go
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So, finally, tonight, we're going to see Roger Waters.

I say finally because there have been many hurdles to get over before this day arrived. So far, we're having a lazy morning and we're going to take off for Ottawa this afternoon. After two days of stormy weather, it looks like we have a gorgeous travel day ahead of us which is nice.

Mark assures me that he slept last night but I know he's very excited about the show tonight. Due too many different sets of weird circumstances, he's not seen Roger since 1999. From what Mark tells me, there is no way that he'll be disappointed by the show tonight, no matter what happens. I'm sure he's right.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

roger and chocolate

roger and chocolate
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at the moment, we're on a little mini-holiday. yay!

we've both booked the next couple of days off so that we can go to Ottawa and see Roger Waters.

Mark's very excited and I'm curious about the show. I'm not a fan of big, huge, expensive productions. I prefer to see bands in clubs but I'm sure it'll be an experience to remember. My personal philosophy is that the music should be enough, that it shouldn't require all the extra stuff, videos and large screens and the like.

I'm also looking forward to my little break from work. The past couple of days have been really hectic for me, partly because it's just busy right now and partly because I've been trying to clear my desk off before my mini-holiday. Right now, my desk is as clear as it's going to be and I'm looking forward to taking it very easy!

Monday, June 04, 2007

hey, it's the tickets

hey, it's the tickets
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Happy Monday! And Happy Anniversary to my parents. Today they celebrate 41 years of marriage. That's pretty incredible, when you think about it.

I'm working a very short week this week. I booked off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as vacation days. The downside of this (and it's really the only one) is that my work day was nuts today. I expect that it'll be the same tomorrow too.

When I got home tonight, I was feeling kinda shitty about it all until I saw an envelope from Quebec in the mailbox. My Polyphonic Spree tickets arrived!! That totally turned the day around and made me forget about the pile of stuff on my desk and focus more on hearing the new album and seeing them again. Yay!

Saturday, June 02, 2007


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Things I did today:

1. woke up, way too early.
2. went back to bed, slept for 90 minutes
3. woke up again, did errands
4. became really overheated from the humidity
5. came home and chilled out **

** chilling out consisted of hanging out on the deck and actually getting into the pool for the first time this season. It was a little bit chilly for me but it felt great after running around in the heat and humidity.

So, so far, Saturday has been pretty good to me!

Friday, June 01, 2007

canadian landscape

canadian landscape
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Is it wrong to never purchase artificial sweetner? Mark sometimes likes to make iced coffee and he adds a little equal or something but I never buy it, I just grab a couple of pouches if we're in a restaurant sometimes. Not always, but sometimes. We never use it in the restaurant (we drink our coffee black) so I figure it's not a big deal. It wouldn't be a big deal to buy it either really. Do you think the restaurant would mind? well, not the restaurant but the management? Hard to know I guess.

I'm not really sure what the weather is supposed to do this weekend but hopefully it'll cooperate with us and let us be in the pool for at least a little while. We both had a really busy, insanely exhausting week this week. A little floating in the pool, very few chores and a lot of rest is on my schedule and little else.

sound good?