Friday, June 21, 2019

Not Guilty Just Pleasure - Breezy

Once again it’s Friday. So, happy Friday!

Not only is it Friday, it is the first day of summer. Where I am at the moment, it doesn’t feel very summery but I know that won’t last.

As is my habit, today I am sharing this song and I like. I don’t have a particular theme, or neeud to give a particular reason, I just share what I like on Fridays.

I have long been a fan of the Fountains of Wayne. A while ago, my brother informed me that Chris Collingwood, from Fountains of Wayne was doing solo stuff. Of course I was immediately interested in hearing it.

In 2016 he released an album, Look Park. It’s a great record. The songs are catchy and sweet. One song in particular, Breezy, really struck me. It feels like a perfect summer song to me so I’m sharing it with you today, on the first day of summer.

Hope you enjoy it, happy weekend kids xo

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Cancon Thursday - That Girl

Happy Thursday folks.

As you know, if it's Thursday I'm going to be sharing some music by a Canadian artist.

In the 1990's I was big big big into Canadian music, mostly in the indie rock vein but not always.  Through some friends at the radio station, I got into a bit of trip hop (is that still a thing?) and eventually discovered a super talented Canadian artist from Toronto who was making some great sounds.

Today, I'm sharing a song by Esthero.  It's from her 1998 debut album "Breath from another." I loved that album from the first time I listened to it. Ms Englishman is a thoughtful songwriter and she tackles some pretty tough subject matter at times.

This album has almost constantly been in my regular rotation since it was released in the spring of 1998. It's got a timeless quality to it that I love.

I'm sharing the video for "That Girl" today and hope you enjoy it. xo

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Way Back Wednesday - I Love Hot Nights

I’ve been a fan of Mr Richman for a good long time now.

For Way Back Wednesday, I thought I’d share a classic from the Modern Lovers, “I love hot nights.” I actually do not love them but I love this song.

Another lovely thing about this part of the world, the nights are cool and perfect for sleeping.

If you enjoy this and aren’t overly familiar with the Modern Lovers, is encourage you to check them out, they’re fantastic xo

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Because It's Tuesday - week of June 18

Happy Tuesday from beautiful Summerland, British Columbia.

This is my first visit to BC and I'm a bit overwhelmed by the incredible gorgeousness of the South Okanagan. I'm spending some time with wonderful people and enjoying a long overdue break.

I decided that I will try to post here now and then while I'm on vacation. It might end up being as regularly scheduled but it also may not.

As is my habit, because it's Tuesday I'm sharing a cover song. John Lennon's songs are frequently covered. Sometimes the versions are good and sometimes they suck. Today I'm sharing a cover which is really quite good.

Arcade Fire is a band I've always liked. I'm not a fanatical super fan but I enjoy hearing their new stuff when it's available. Recently they released a version of the beautiful tune "Baby Mine" for the soundtrack of the new Dumbo movie. I've not seen the film but I did like what they did with "Baby Mine." Admittedly, I prefer Bonnie Raitt's version from the "Stay Awake" compilation.

Today's cover is Arcade Fire's take on John Lennon's " Mind Games"

Hope you enjoy it kiddos xo

Friday, June 14, 2019

Not Guilty Just Pleasure - I've Been Waiting

I haven't mentioned it here before but I've been planning a trip recently.

Tomorrow I'm heading out of town for a couple of weeks. I'm going to a place I've never been before to see someone I haven't seen in a very long time.

To say that I'm excited about this trip would be the biggest understatement ever made. I look forward to many things... taking some time for myself, seeing a new place and renewing an old connection with someone I've wanted to see again for years and years.

I haven't figured out yet if I'll be posting while I'm away or not. Until I decide, I'm going to leave this song with you. It's an old favourite of mine. I have very fond memories of the Girlfriend album as it was a big deal around the time I started working at CFRC and was my first introduction the incredible Matthew Sweet.

This song is a perfect pop song and I love the sentiment.  Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  My not guilty just pleasure song this week is Matthew Sweet's "I've Been Waiting."

Happy weekend you beauties!! xo

The secret on your lips
That nobody knows
Gentle in your eyes
You can wear my clothes

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Cancon Thursday - Nostalgia

Well it's Thursday again kids.
On Thursdays, you get to enjoy a sweet Canadian song.  Are you ready for this week's installment?

I'm not sure how it happened but somehow I stumbled upon Joey Wright's song Nostalgia (from this 2017 album, Country Music).  I didn't really know much about him but I found out that he's been playing and writing songs for a pretty long time and has worked with some folks I am a fan of.

I checked out the rest of the album (which was recorded just north of here apparently) and it's quite lovely.

So, without further adieu, I'm going to ask you to give a listen to Joey Wright and Nostalgia.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Way Back Wednesday - Heroes

For Way Back Wednesday, I'm sharing an older song, one I really like by an artist I love and miss very much.

Thinking about it, the first time I remember be actually aware of who David Bowie was, I was 12  years old.  I had either snuck out of bed or begged my mum to let me stay up to watch Saturday Night Live.  Not for any particular reason other than it was on late and it was funny and I felt sort of grown up watching it.  David Bowie, with Joey Arias and Klaus Nomi, performed in a skirt.  I thought he was just about the coolest guy I'd ever seen.  In that moment, I became a massive fan of David Bowie.

Today, for Way Back Wednesday, I'm sharing the title track from his 1979 album, Heroes. I still listen to this and so many Bowie songs regularly, it's like he's still here.  Thank goodness for all of the wonderful music he left us xo

And the shame, was on the other side
Oh, we can beat them, forever and ever
Then we could be heroes just for one day

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Because It's Tuesday - week of June 11

Happy Tuesday kiddos.

As it's Tuesday, I'm sharing a cover with you today.  Because I'm a bit foggy this morning, this post will be short and sweet.

Regular readers here will know about my deep love and respect for the late, great and gone far too soon, Gram Parsons.  In the late 1990's, "Return of the Grievous Angel: A Tribute to Gram Parsons" was released. One of the songs from that album was "$1000 Wedding" performed by Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield (also artists I
love and respect).  I so love the original and this version is beautiful too.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do xo

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Cancon Thursday - All Ready

If it's Thursday (and it is) you know I'm going to be sharing a Canadian song right here.

For this week's cancon song, I'm sharing "All Ready" by Jale from their 1996 album, So Wound.  I always liked Jale and remember seeing them at the Toucan here in Kingston probably sometime in 1994 or 1995.  It was summertime and they came by the radio station in the afternoon for an interview.  After the interview, they made the big mistake of going for a swim in the lake (it wasn't the cleanest place to swim back then).  That evening, during the show, I recall the members of Jale scratching their ears throughout their set and looking generally uncomfortable after their dip in the gross summer waters of Lake Ontario. 

So Wound was their second full length release.  Shortly after it came out, the band broke up which was too bad.  Hope you enjoy this, have a good Thursday kids xo

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Way Back Wednesday - Let's Go

Happy Hump Day kids!!

Well, way back Wednesday has rolled around again.  Today's song is an old favourite from the days when my friends and I used to hang out at the roller rink (yikes!!).

I think we were probably regulars at our local roller rink between grades 7 and 9.  I'm pretty sure that once we got to grade 10, we didn't go much but boy, we sure did spend a lot of time under the strings of Christmas lights that flashed over the rink.  Pretty much every surface, except the floor, was covered in shag carpeting.  It was one of the first places we were allowed to go without adult supervision.  Our parents (or in some cases, older siblings) would drop us off at the front doors and away we'd go for 4 or 5 hours of skating and giggling and following boys around in the most awkward fashion.  I recall I got pretty good at playing air hockey while wearing my skates.

So, today's song is by one of the bands who were in heavy rotation back then, The Cars.  Whenever I hear the opening to "Let's Go" it just takes me back to Studio 801 and all of those weekend afternoons with my friends, with our Farrah Fawcett hair dos, lip smackers and our satin bomber jackets.  I am pretty sure I don't have any photos of us from that time but I sure wish I had. 

Let's go is such a great song, the Cars are still in my regular rotation, hope you enjoy this.

She's winding them down on her clock machine
And she won't give up 'cause she's seventeen
She's a frozen fire, she's my one desire

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Because It's Tuesday - week of June 4

Happy Tuesday kids.

I'd like to start this post off by wishing my beautiful parents a very happy anniversary.

53 years ago today, a couple of sweet kids from Smiths Falls, Ontario were married in St. Francis de Sales Church.  I'm so glad that they did because, if they hadn't, it's pretty unlikely that I'd be sitting here today. So happy anniversary mum and dad.

Because it's Tuesday, I'm sharing a cover song today (as I usually do). Today's song was originally released the year before my folks were married (by Paul Simon in 1965) but the popular version was released just a month before their wedding, in May 1966.  As I have mentioned before, I love cover songs and every once in a while, I like the cover more than I do the original.  That is the definitely the case today.

Back back back in the 90's, I listened to a lot of Red House Painters.  Admittedly, I haven't listened to them in a while but I was recently reminded of their beautiful cover of Simon and Garfunkel's "I Am A Rock." It's a song about isolation and I think that Mark Kozelek's voice just lends itself beautifully to those kinds of songs.  It seems just about perfectly suited to this one.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think.