Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Holy full of steam, Batman! Mark is amazing. Last night, after dinner, he tore the office completely apart. He took all the boxes that we had stacked up in the corner and moved them out into the hall. He also assembled our shelving unit, complete with new corner piece. Looks terrific!! We now have to start sorting out each and every box as we put the room back together.

I didn't realize how many boxes of books we still had left, unopened. Last summer, when I unpacked the books and set up our bookshelves in the spare room, I thought that maybe a couple of boxes were left in amongst the mountain...was I ever wrong! I think I counted at least 8 boxes last night (and I wasn't even really counting all that carefully).

Should be fun sorting through things. I have a feeling that a lot of stuff will go to goodwill and even more will go out in the trash / recycling. I hope so anyway. It'll be very nice to get organized and to know where everything is. Finally. We're not doing too badly though, when I think about it. I mean, we've only been in the house a little over 2 years and in that time we had (and closed) a restaurant and have moved Mark's dad down here. It's not like we've been sitting around the house eating bon-bons for 2 years.

Except for paint and a few pieces of furniture, the main floor is basically how we want it. Once the junk is cleared out, the front / guest bedroom will be back to normal (which is recently painted and redecorated). Once the office is back under control, Mark's going to begin the last of the plastering in the bathroom. By spring, expect to see fully organized office and completely beautiful, renovated bathroom in our house!!

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