Thursday, January 02, 2003

It was so windy last night it seemed like you could feel the house move. You couldn't, but the sound made it feel that way. It was really crazy. I love crazy wind storms, as long as I'm somewhere safe when they're happening. The wind brought a bitter cold with it though. Oddly, we've had almost no snow. It looks more like fall than winter outside. I'm not complaining though because I hate shovelling.

We had to take Mark's dad to the hospital this morning for his pre-op examination. He's having a cataract removed on January 14 so he had to get a chest x-ray, blood work and an EKG today. He's been waiting for the surgery for over a year now and he's very excited about it. I can't imagine not being able to see well enough to read. He's mentioned a couple of times, when we have been out in the evening the and the moon as been full, that he sees a ring of light around it. I think it's terrible that it's gone on this long. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't get bumped. The hospital he's going to isn't too bad for that sort of thing so it should all go according to schedule.

I just finished rolling coins and we had over $300 in our jar. I think we're going to take the coins and go back to the computer store tomorrow and get some stuff to upgrade our machine. It'll be nice to do this while we have some time off and Mark can rip everything apart properly and put it back together in an orderly fashion. It seems like we have cords running all over the place right now (and, the machine'll be lots faster when we're done!! -- yay!!!)

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