Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This past few days have been a whirlwind.

Quick as you'd like, we have had an offer accepted on a new home.  We weren't even looking and this happened.  How can this be!?

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to head out to visit my parents who were working at the annual Tea and Sale at their church.  On the way there, I noticed a house for sale.  It was a house I'd driven by my whole life and had always admired.  The home is located in a neighbourhood I never thought I'd be able to afford to live so I left it at that.

Maybe a week later, I looked up the home on the MLS website.  I noticed that it was actually in our price range.  Some of the features of this new property (septic system, not sewers, no central A/C) were an initial deterrent to me.  Eventually, I went back to the listing and began looking into septic systems.  The other morning, on the way to work, I mentioned the house to Mark in the car.  He immediately responded, without blinking, "let's go see it."

On Saturday, we saw the house and on Sunday, prepared an offer.  After a little bit of back and forth, our offer was accepted.  We're working on meeting the conditions but hopefully soon, it'll be officially ours.

It's a really fun house.  it's a ranch-style bungalow and it seems to have been built in the early or mid 1950's and has never been renovated.  It's been maintained to a very high standard but it really looks like something out of Mad Men.  The property also has a massive lot so the dogs will basically have a bigger space to run in than our neighbourhood's off-leash dog park. Like I said, FUN.

Of course, we'll still have the issue of dealing with our current home but I'd like to not think about that right now.  I shall just focus on my pinterest decor boards and how much we're going to love putting our stamp on our new place!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

everybody shout it

For the last little while, my personal challenge has been to try to write something here, every day, during the week.  That sort of fell off the rails the past few days for a number of reasons.  Writing about why I haven't written feels like it will help me get my blogging butt back in gear again.

1.  Work.  Things have been pretty busy at work and normally, I try to take a little break for lunch every day and I write at that time.  That hasn't happened during the past few days I've been in the office.

2.  Fall Clean Up.  I took Friday off last week and missed another lunch hour.  I'm trying to use up some vacation time which I can't really carry over.  I spent the day, well a good sized chunk of it, either outside in the garden, cutting stuff down and raking other stuff up or getting some chores done inside the house.  My garden was overdue to be "put to bed" for the winter.  It looks great now and we lugged 5 large bags of yard waste to the municipal composting place on the weekend.

3.  Doggie Time.  Recently, we decided to be more vigilent about walking the dogs on a regular schedule.  If I'm honest, they are kind of lazy, so are we so it's easy to just take short walks, or toss a ball around in the yard.  That's not enough exercise for them or us.  With the time change, we're trying to get in a longer walk each night after work, before dinner.  That's shifted our evenings around a bit but I kind of like it.  The dogs seem happy about it and we're enjoying it.  I do find that now, after dinner, I feel like doing more than just plopping on the couch.

4.  Housework.  I hate it, a lot.  It needs to get done though and I'm always happy when I come home to a clean house.  With my new found post-dinner energy, I'm doing one biggish housework each night before I head to the computer or TV.  By doing this, it is freeing up more time on the weekend to be outside running around with Mark and the dogs.

Looking at that list, I realized that I can probably squeeze a little writing time in between the walking thing and our dinner.  That's what I've done tonight.  Feels like the walk will help clear my head and hopefully, inspire me to write something, anything, each week day.  I figure the more I do it, the better it'll be.  I hope I'm right.

On that happy note, I'll leave you with a little gem from The Beat.  I've been listening to them a lot just recently.  Forgot how much I used to love them and am really enjoying them again.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

shooting up

So we stayed up late last night, about 90 minutes past our normal bedtime, watching MSNBC's coverage of the election returns in the states.  I find US politics fascinating for a couple of reasons, partly because it's a freak show at times and partly because often times, policies in the US can affect policies in Canada.

For example, I give you marijuana.  Well, I'll not actually GIVE you marijuana, I don't smoke it and don't have any to give.  Before the "harper government" came into power, marijuana possession had been decriminalized in this country.  I personally believe that it should not only be decriminalized but it should be legalized.  People use cannabis to treat a huge number of ailments and conditions, including MS, anxiety disorders, migraines and other types of chronic pain.  Not many doctors are comfortable signing the necessary paperwork you need to obtain permission to use it legally for medical reasons.  Because the Bush 43 government was a strong opponent of pot, the harper government followed suit and revoked the laws which decriminalized marijuana in Canada.

Some of the ultra conservative folks in the states, many of whom were defeated yesterday, want to take away the ability for a woman to make choices about her own health and they sure don't want same sex couples to be able to marry legally.  I would hate to see the harper government try to pull the same stunts up here.  Times like this make me appreciate the way our government is structured.  The multi-party system has forced everyone to work together to get things done.

Things in Canada are by no means perfect, I don't think that any country is "perfect" for that matter.  There are always ways which we could help improve things for folks, for young people and old people and people suffering with illnesses and disabilities but overall, I think we get things right more often than not.

Today, to celebrate my Canadian-ness, I'm going to get my free flu shot at our local health unit.  Normally, I don't get the flu shot.  Last year, I had the flu and it was pretty horrible.  Hopefully, I'll avoid that this year by getting shot in the arm.  For folks who live here in the Kingston area, the Health Unit has a list of places you can go to get your free shot OR you can book an appointment online and avoid lining up. 

Monday, November 05, 2012

have a day

I really wanted to write something today and post it here. I'm trying to write more and post more, even if it's boring or silly, it's a habit I'd like to establish.

So today was bananas. I just got home about 10 minutes ago and normally I'm home by 4:15. Work was busy and I'm happy to help out but, this cut into my serious writing time.

 So, alas, I shall share a video with you instead, in keeping with the theme of "it was twenty years ago today" from Friday:

It's impossible to frown while you're experiencing the Spree and once again, I'd like to remind you about their Kickstarter projoect. I wrote about it last month and would encourage you to check them out and support them if you can.

Friday, November 02, 2012

It was 20 years ago today

On November 2, 1992, I started my first, continuing appointment position at Queen's.  Today, I am celebrating 20 years of working for the same employer.  I know that isn't something that is very common these days.  I have not spent the entire time in the same department and that's helped keep things interesting.

CFRC Summer Picnic 1995

My first continuing job at the University was at CFRC Radio.  I had been working at Queen's for a while, temping in different departments and applying for any jobs that were posted to external folks.  I had applied for the CFRC job in April but didn't get called for an interview until October.  If I'm honest, I think I'd forgotten I had even applied.  I probably thought that it had gone to someone else and they didn't bother to loop back to me.  This photo is me with the woman who hired me, former station manager, Maureen Plunkett.  I think this was taken in the summer of 1995 by Jane Mundell, host of the awesome, "Careless Memories" show which aired on Saturday mornings in the mid-90's and featured all of our favourite cheesey 80's songs.   

The position at the station was half-time so I filled in the rest of my time temping in other departments.In late 2000, almost 8 years into my gig at the radio station (which I LOVED), an opportunity came my way to take on a full-time position in the area I'm currently working.  I'd been temping there since 1996 so it was a good move for me and I would move into a job full-time which I'd been doing part-time for a while.
Looking back, it's hard to believe that it's been 20 years.  20 years! If I'm really lucky, I'll get to stay on campus for another 20.  It's a good place to work, I'm surrounded by amazing people who are doing exceptional things and I feel priviledged to be a part of it.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Movember - Day 1

Movember - Day 1
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Mark is participating in Movember this year. If you aren't familiar with Movember and would like to learn more about it OR you know what it's all about and would like to support him, please visit his mo page -

He kicked the ass of cancer this year and would like to help others kick it too. Cancer really has it coming, it's messing with too many people we love.