Tuesday, August 31, 2004

mad enough to spit

Actually to scream, yell and pound something. I have made a vow to never ever ever set foot on Mexican soil, as.long.as.I.live. How corrupt must the "government" down there be?

MacColl case closed again

The family of late singer Kirsty MacColl is fuming after learning Mexican authorities have abandoned their investigation into the singer's tragic death.

MacColl, 41, was killed when she was hit by a speedboat's propellers on a scuba diving holiday in December 2000. Last year deckhand Jose Cen Yam was fined $110 (£61) for causing her death.

However, the MacColl family suspected a cover-up and launched their own private investigation which revealed witnesses who claim the boat was actually being driven by a son of its owner, supermarket millionaire and powerful tycoon Guillermo Gonzalez Nova.

In March, MacColl's mother Jean MacColl visited Mexico, prompting the authorities to reopen the case.

But now local prosecutors have decided not to further their investigations.

Jean, 81, says: "We came home from Mexico very optimistic that we were being taken seriously and that something would happen at last.

"But now we are bitterly disappointed. This decision just defies belief."

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