Wednesday, August 04, 2004

running around

Mark ended up working half a day today. It was just really dead so he quit at noon. This worked out well though because Joe was going with his brother on a cruise from Gananoque. They mentioned last night that they wanted to take a 1000 Islands cruise and we suggested the Gan tour. It's a much better trip than the one that departs from Kingston because you don't spend the first hour in the boat getting from Kingston to Gan. Instead, you drive for 20 minutes from Kingston to Gan and you actually see much more of the river and the islands.

Our plan was to meet them at the boat dock at 4:30 p.m., when they got back into Gan. The weather was absolutely beautiful here again today. The humidity was gone and the breeze was actually cool. We had more errands to do out in the west end. One of the things we needed to do was look at USB hubs. My machine has been behaving badly lately and it turned out to be a USB conflict with the crappy little hub we had. We splurged out and spent an extra $10 on a good one, with a power supply. While we were wandering around looking for the hub, I picked up Sex and the City Season 2. A couple of months ago I got Season 1 and had originally planned to buy one each month. That seemed kind of decadent to me though so I've decided to just get one every 2 or 3 months instead (until I have them all). We also spent a fair amount of time at this big dollar store in the box store mall. They've got some really nice stuff, just household things like pots and fake tupperware and the price is right! By the time we got back home, it was almost time to head down to Gan.

When we got to the dock, the old guys wanted to go to the Casino. Mark's cousin and his wife didn't feel like it (she has a serious smoke allergy) so we planned to meet up with them later on. We didn't win anything but we had a really good time. When you onlygo for for an hour or so, how can you not have fun?? We figure that overall, we're still up on the casino because we usually win so it wasn't that bad that we didn't tonight.

One thing that made me smile today: Having dinner by the waterfront. When we were leaving Gan, Joe's company didn't have any idea about where they wanted to have dinner. The one thing that they mentioned at all was that they'd like to be close to the water. The only place in town that has a patio actually on the water is the Holiday Inn. I've been there before and the food is "okay," not fabulous but okay, particularly for a hotel. I mean, let's face it, hotel food is notoriously crappy. Anyway, when the meal finally arrived it was yummy but the service was lousy. It took 10 minutes for our drink order to arrive and over an hour for our meal to come. We're talking about sandwiches and salads folks, nothing fancy at all. The nice thing about it though was that the weather was gorgeous, coolish with a lovely breeze and it was so nice to sit and watch the boats coming and going from the harbour. I guess you can get away with shitty service when the view is so beautiful!

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