Friday, August 13, 2004


Unlike most folks, I like Friday the 13th. Partly because my birthday is on a 13th day of a month. I like it when my birthday falls on a Friday the 13th, it adds a nice spooky element to another wise ordinary day. Spooky is always good.

Work today went by in a blur, which is a good thing. I loves being busy folks. Because we'd both had a busy week and didn't feel like cooking tonight, we just picked up a pizza at Costco for dinner tonight. It was pretty good and involved very little preparation and/or clean up. It probably isn't the healthiest option we could have come up with but it sure was tasty!

The weekend's shaping up to be good and lazy. I mean I have stuff to accomplish but nothing complicated or overly life-threatening. If I can get some cleaning up, laundry and groceries done, I'll be in good shape. Hope you can have a lazy weekend too!!

One thing that made me smile today: When i met her she was a beauty queen who wanted something more.. now she's hanging out with me infront of the liquor store... That's right, I was listening to Fred again this morning. I know it's an oldie but gosh darnit, it's a goodie! He usually makes me smile, or cry. Either way it's all good baby!!

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