Thursday, August 12, 2004

slugging along

The pace is picking up at work today. I like it when it's like this. I have a lot of stuff to do but it's not "my" stuff, it's helping someone else out. I get thrown pieces of the puzzle to sort out and when it's done, I get thrown another bunch of pieces. Helping someone dig themself out of the shits can be very satisfying. Partly because you're not responsible for the end result and partly because it's a diversion from your own regularly scheduled activities.

Remember how yesterday I was saying how I hoped that nothing much would change anytime soon at work. Well it's looking like it's going to change anyway. I can't really talk about it quite yet but it's good changes. See, I'm not always a negative nelly. I honestly think that well thought out changes can be good. This is one such situation. It feels much less scattered than the last set of stuff we had to go through. Anyway, I will talk more about it when I can.

One thing that made me smile today: Across the universe. While I'm at work, I either listen to Air America or some MP3's that I have on my machine. Today I was listening to music and had my player on random. In the mix, Across the Universe caame up. Instantly, it made me smile because it's such a beautiful song. Just as quickly though, hearing John Lennon's voice made me want cry because I miss him so much.

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