Monday, December 02, 2002

Well Sunday was a blur...I think. I didn't sleep much Saturday night because of my cold. I was up from 2:45 to 4:30 a.m. but totally spaced on my blog and didn't post anything...odd. I know that I did bake some cookies yesterday, and did a load of laundry. I also blew my nose about a million times and had a generally fuzzy headed day. I didn't allow myself a nap because I wanted a good night's sleep last night (which I got - almost).

I woke up this morning at around 4 a.m. to hear one of my bedroom windows rattling (the one directly over our bed). The next door neighbours were having their driveway plowed. The fellow was making so much noise doing it that he was shaking the entire north end of our house. It's odd too because their driveway is actually very small (and I'm not even sure yet that we had all that much snow). I suspect that he's a bit of a sleazy snow-plow guy with one of those blades on his truck who comes to their place at 4 a.m. because he has "real" customers that he'll do at a more decent hour, like, say, 6 a.m. Fortunately, we don't get a lot of snow so this doesn't happen very often. I had forgotten about him (this was the first time he's had to be here this year I think).

Anyway, it wasn't the greatest way to start the day but it could have been worse. I'm still feeling kind of yucky but I'm coughing now more than blowing my nose so I'm thinking that it's on the way out. Also, first time in about 3 weeks, my throat stopped hurting yesterday. I think that the bug that has been annoying me for the past month or so has finally done what I wanted it to, make me good and sick. I hate that feeling of malaise. I just wanted to get a cold and get it over with so I can feel better. I think that's happening winter cold is on the way out!! Yay!

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