Wednesday, December 04, 2002

If all things go as planned, my last day of work for 2002 will be December 17. I won't have to be back at work until January 6. I'm looking forward to this in a big way. Partly because I really need a break from work and have a lot of little things that I'd like to do around the house (and not so little things like finally paint the bathroom) and partly because I have not done any holiday shopping yet. I don't have my cards written (although I do have labels for them ready to go -- I just have to sit down some evening this week when my cold isn't getting the better of me and do them) and my house is dirty and undecorated at the moment.

My cold has evolved into a nasty coughing thing that I know is actually good for me. It's getting all that crap out of my head and stuff and soon I will feel better. Having cramps on top of a cold is sort of not-fair I think. But then what is "fair" anyway?

In a couple of days I'm sure I'm going to feel really good, back to normal, and I'll be able to proceed along with all the holiday stuff that needs doing. I've stopped worrying too much about any of it because I know that in the end, what absolutely needs to get done (presents bought, dinner cooked) will get done and whatever didn't get done didn't really need doing in the first place.

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