Thursday, December 26, 2002

Twas the day after Christmas...

We had a really nice day yesterday. We had a lovely meal at my folks' place and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves. My mum really liked her sweater (I was a little nervous about it because it wasn't a style that I think she'd ordinarily pick out for herself) and she made me a beautiful fleece jacket. She made Mark a great vest (also fleece). She was busy sewing. Pat (my brother) got a totally spiffy scarf, Mark's dad got a really nice vest and she made my dad a gorgeous shirt. I got some wonderful CD's (Pavement's Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Deluxe double CD from Mark and Runstop-restore's Single Sided/Triple Density, The Glen Nevous Retraction's Sell, Fiftymen's After Darkfall and a Music for Cats Compilation from my brother - he appears on the Music For Cats disc) so I have lots of good listening. I also got the "My So-Called Life" DVD Box from Mark's Dad (yay!!!) and Pulp Fiction and the Pavement "Slow Century" double DVD from Mark.

We started watching Slow Century last night and it's amazing. All of Pavement's videos plus a documentary plus oodles of concert footage, it's terrific! The Pulp Fiction set looks terrific. There is an entire second disc of outtakes and extra stuff.

Mark got some DVD's too. He got the South Park 1st Season DVD Box, "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming," "Yellow Submarine," and "Dog Day Afternoon" on DVD.

It was a very relaxing and pleasant day all around but I'm glad that it's behind us now for another year, I am always glad when it's over I guess. Today has been a rather lazy day. I've just been puttering around the house a bit, doing some laundry, nothing terribily exciting. I'm glad that we decided against fighting the Boxing Day crowds for the sales. The "sales" aren't as great as they make out and I'd rather go look around on the weekend when things calm down a bit. I got some money for Christmas and am thinking that I'd like to pick up a bread maker if I can find a Black & Decker one on sale.

On the way home from my folks' yesterday, I snapped this photo. It was pretty overcast and trying to snow outside. This shot is of Collins Bay, partially frozen.

Collins Bay on Christmas Day

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