Sunday, December 29, 2002

I can't believe that today is almost over already. I had a nice day for the most part. We had a half lazy / half busy day. This morning, we slept in after having stayed up very late (for us) last night. After our nap in the afternoon neither one of us felt sleepy at the regular time so we started watching Sidewalks of New York on the movie channel. I thought that it was cute. I generally like Edward Burns and the rest of the cast was good too (Heather Graham, Stanley Tucci, Aida Turturro). It was very heavily influenced by Woody Allen, the dialogue was very similar to something he might do. The actual quality of the shots and the editing was very good. Apparently it was shot hand held with available light and it made for a very good looking film.

This morning, we slept in and then Mark made us breakfast. It was a big meal and very very yummy, kept us both going until dinner time. I had taped Eastenders on Friday night so we watched that over coffee, after breakfast. We decided to finally bite the bullet and hit the malls and spend some of our Christmas cash. After pricing things at the Bay we went down through the mall to Sears to check them out. The small appliance department at Sears was so much better than the Bay. They had a far better selection of brands and styles at Sears. The prices were about the same but the selection at the Bay was pretty dismal. I was looking for a breadmaker and found a Black & Decker model at the Bay but they only had the 2 lb loaf size and I really didn't need one that big. At Sears, they had the 1.5 lb size (which is what I wanted) and it was on sale (bonus!). Mark had been wanting a WaterPik Flosser and we found one at Sears, on sale. We also grabbed a Rice Cooker (I used it tonight for dinner, it's amazing, I can't imagine making rice without one again!). I was a little disappointed that we couldn't get any Club Z points for our purchases (we would have at the Bay) but being able to pick everything up in one spot more than made up for it.

I was pretty beat after over an hour in the mall. I can't believe that I used to enjoy schlepping around the mall when I was a teenager. The air quality was so bad and the people wandering around looked like zombies. At least we had a mission, a list and a purpose for being there. I did not want to be one of those people in the Hallmark Store, fighting over marked down, leftover cards that no one wanted before Christmas.

We then drove down the road to the Futureshop to pick up a DVD-Rom drive and an uninterrupted power supply for our computer. Again, it was busy in there but we knew exactly what wanted (having researched the local suppliers online) so we were able to get in and out realitively easily (and, again with the points -- Air Canada Aeroplan Miles come with all purchases over $50 there).

So we put a goodly sized dent in our holiday money. I have a couple of things I still want to pick up that I couldn't find today and I need to go to the grocery store for some ingredients for my breadmaker. I'm going to take it for a test drive tomorrow. Should be fun, and it should (hopefully) smell yummy too! Home made, not full of chemicals and junk bread, here we come!

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