Tuesday, December 17, 2002

It looks and feels very wintery outside right now. I hope it warms up later on, at the moment it's -17 degrees celsius. I don't know what the wind chill is but I'm sure it's nasty. I hope to get all my errands done this afternoon and don't really want to freeze my buttocks off doing them.

This morning I was thinking about a camera I used to have. It was an inexpensive, point and shoot, 35mm camera and I had it for years and years. When we moved into this house just over 2 years ago, it went missing. It may actually be in this house somewhere but I doubt it. I last remember seeing it on the kitchen counter just before the movers arrived, I have no idea where it could be. At the time, I thought that I may have imagined seeing it in the kitchen and that I had actually left it in my office at the restaurant (we owned a restaurant at that time). When we closed the restaurant, I tore the office apart looking for it and never found it. The reason I still think about the camera is because it had a film in it that I'd really like to get developed. There were pictures of an event we had at the restaurant on that roll. I had also taken pictures at a party we had for a friend who was visiting from Australia on that film.

Maybe I'll find my long lost camera when I start ripping through boxes and re-organizing our home office during the Christmas break. I wonder how old a film has to be before you can't get it developed anymore.

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