Friday, December 20, 2002

Not exactly "the great white north"...

Well, all the snow is totally gone now, I took some pictures of our yard about 20 minutes ago (click on them to see a bigger version if you're interested:

A shot of my backyard taken from our bedroom window (facing east).

A shot of our street taken from our bathroom window (facing south)

If we ever get any more snow, I'll try get some "winter wonderland" snaps...if that ever happens. I'm not sentimental about snow or anything but it would be nice to see some snow for the holidays.

I've had a pretty lazy day so far. We both slept in a little bit this morning which was nice. I didn't feel much like doing anything in particular so that's what I did, nothing in particular. I did tidy up a little bit downstairs and I found all of my baking recipes and got them sorted out. I realized that I forgot to pick up a few things but I have enough on hand to get a good start on it all tomorrow.

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