Thursday, December 12, 2002

I haven't had much to say the past couple of days or so, so I haven't posted much here. It's not that stuff hasn't been happening or anything, I just haven't felt much like writing anything. This sore throat/cough/cold thing is just driving me nuts. My voice is starting to get back to normal but I'm still coughing more than I'd like to.

Tonight after work, we went out and did a little Christmas shopping. I found a completely beautiful sweater for my mum at Cotton Ginny. I had a hard time finding something that I thought that she'd like but that wasn't "mum-ish." It's a long, burgandy, duster sweater. It will look terrific with a pair of black slacks and a black top. I'll probably pick up a scarf to go with it, I really hope that she likes it because I think that it'll suit her down to the ground.

We also picked up a couple of books at Chapters. I picked up a copy of "Blessings" for my mum from Mark's dad and a couple of other gifts for friends. The bulk of our shopping is now done. I just a couple of odds and ends to pick up and I have to get something for Mark. I'm still undecided about what I'm going to get him exactly but I should have it narrowed down this weekend. It was sort of weird how quiet it was in the stores though. No crowds, no line-ups, no mayhem.

I'm still not entirely into Christmas this year. We aren't having the whole family over for dinner on the 25th anymore. We're having it at my mum's place now, like we usually do. It wasn't working out, us having it here, some scheduling stuff got messed up. I'm going to help her out with the meal at her place. What this means though, is that now I don't have to go nuts decorating and cleaning. I'm still going to do a bunch of baking for Christmas though. I'll now have time to get some big jobs that we have planned, which include finishing plastering and painting the bathroom (it's been ripped up since July so it really needs to be finished up).

I only have 2 full days of work left before the break. I really really can't wait for Tuesday!

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