Wednesday, December 04, 2002

If you have to work, make sure you do something that you love...

I'm very lucky that I have a great job. It's fun, something that I enjoy, I don't hate coming in to work every day. Ordinarily the days just fly by. Today is one of those days, I think it's due to the sunshine. Today is so bright and cheery. If I wasn't coughing so much, I may actually enjoy it. I'm getting so much accomplished this week, it's weird. The worse I feel the more work I get done...funny how that goes huh? I mean, I have just completed a project this morning that I have been working on for the past 2 months. It feels great to have it done as it was something that involved the only truly tedious part of my job (data entry). I'm an events planner and we have to "code" all activity participants for our events. The event I was coding for took place at the end of September. We had over 5000 people in attendance and captured about 2000 of them (which is really good, it doesn't sound great but trust me, it is!).

Anyway, I think I may run out at lunchtime and do a little bit of holiday shopping. I'm supposed to pick something up for my parents from my father-in-law at the bookstore. It's warmed up enough that I may venture out, the fresh air and sunshine will do me good I'm sure!

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