Saturday, December 28, 2002

When I woke up this morning, I lay in bed for a while, planning out what I'd do with this day....ha! Plans are great, they're up there with lists. You make 'em and then, if you feel like it, you ignore them...that's what I'm doing today, so far anyway.

I have a project that I want to get done here in our office / computer room and our living room. We have a big pile of boxes in here and I want to clear them out and sort through them. I fully intend to get this done before I go back to work on January 6. At the bottom of the pile are three black shelving units which I want to move downstairs to our living room. At the moment, we have a wooden shelving unit from IKEA at one end of our living room. We used to have our television and stereo equipment on this unit but we moved things around in the summer and we're not using it for that purpose anymore. Right now, we just have cd's and movies piled up on it and it's a little bit too "heavy duty" to just do that with so I want to move it up here. My plan is to empty out this room and then empty the shelves downstairs. I'd like to move the STEN unit up here and fill it with any boxes that are left after I sort through everything. Then, I'll use these funky black shelves to display stuff in the living room. I think that in both rooms, it'll be a better use of the space and will look a lot better when it's done.

I had thought, earlier this morning, that I'd just jump out of bed and get going with it. So far that's not happened but I might get started on it later on today. I'm still waiting for my caffeine to properly kick in. I've been taking some pictures of the chaos so I'll post some more of them later, before and after shots I guess, when it's all done.

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