Monday, December 09, 2002

I still don't have a voice. It's weird, I mean, I can kind of croak but yesterday I found myself trying to call out to Mark and it just wasn't happening. Unless I was in the room with him, and the tv or stereo was on mute, he couldn't hear me. Made my trip to the post office yesterday afternoon quite interesting too. This morning I have more a pronounced croak in my throat so hopefully my voice is starting to come back. If it's not any better tomorrow I'll probably go see my doctor. At the moment I'm pretty sure that I just have a cold but you never know, it could be strep throat or something that require some anti-biotics. Hopefully not but who knows.

Today should be interesting. After almost 8 months, they have finally hired someone to take over a vacant position in my office. This new person will sit less than 10 feet from me. Should be interesting. We've had a steady stream of temps over the past few months. I've not met this new person yet so today should be, as I said before "interesting."

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