Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Well it's Christmas morning, yippee huh? For me, the older I get, the less significant / fun / whatever Christmas is. I mean, it will be nice when we get together with my folks' this afternoon and I'm really looking forward to seeing my brother but I think that Christmas loses something when you become an "adult." I got up a couple of hours ago and peeked out our bathroom window. Only one house on our street was completely lit up. I suspect that the inhabitants must have small children visiting. The rest of our particular section of the street are either retirees, dinks (double income, no kids) or young parents (they have wee little ones who don't freak out over Santa - yet).

So our street is very quiet this morning. It feels much earlier than it is. I guess that not having the buses running makes things very still out there. I did get all my baking done yesterday and it all turned out well. I got my rugelach made and I think it turned out much better than last year. I also made some lemon bars and something called "Yum Yum Squares" which are VERY yummy. A little too yummy, if you know what I mean. Last night I bundled up packages of assorted cookies, one to take to my mum's, one for Mark's dad. When I put everything together in the packages, it looked really nice. When I looked up into my cupboard and saw a bunch of tins piled up, it didn't look like much. Standing back last night, looking at the packages though, I can see the fruits of my labour and I think I did a good job.

I heard a rumour that "Santa" was giving me some Godiva coffee for Christmas so I may go put that on. Happy Christmas everyone.

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