Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Well my voice is still severely impaired. I know, this is getting boring, I'm bored with it, I want my voice back, I want to not be coughing myself to sleep at night. Being sick is not fun!

I did actually get some Christmas shopping done last night. Mark & I had some errands to do at a large discount store last night and I was able to pick up a few things while we were there. We stopped off at a CD store for a gift certificate for someone too. Going out right after work seems to be the best time (there was almost no one out at that time). Thursday right after work we're going to go out again and get another big chunk of it done. Fortunately, I'm not doing a tonne of shopping so it shouldn't take me too many trips out to the mall to get everything finished up.

The new person in the office is, as I thought "interesting." She's definitely different from the previous person who was in the same position. Actually, they are like night and day. The different is not bad though, so far she's not gone psycho and thrown stuff at us, tried to harm us physically or freaked out at us. So far, so good.

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