Saturday, December 14, 2002

Well, I'm not really sure who notices stuff like this but I have been rearranging things on this page a little bit. I've also got a new domain but I don't have that all sorted out yet so I'm still using my standard isp-issued address until further notice. I'm happy with the way this is shaping up. I know that it's very simple and barebones but it's a start. I'm happy to be moving away from a pre-determined blogger template. I'm still a little new to this html stuff (well, not new exactly, just really rusty).

So far I've had a very nice, quiet Saturday. Mark's working today so I was up early this morning with him. I baked some cookies for him and tidied up a little bit (not a lot!) but haven't had a shower yet so that's next on my list. I got working on this page and boy, does the time ever fly when you're plunking away at something in front of the machine. I thought that I'd been here about an hour and soon realized that it had been 3 hours...yikes.

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