Thursday, July 01, 2004

happy Canada day

Happy 137th birthday Canada, you don't look a day over 136!

We did a bunch of stuff around the house today, it seems like we've been doing that a lot lately but we're getting projects finished that we've been avoiding for a while so it's all good.

Yesterday, when we were at the movies, we saw a trailer for a new Richard Gere movie. The trailer really pissed me off. Now, bear in mind that I hate this guy, I find him to be really smarmy (I guess stupid women think this is charming -- I don't fall for it). Anyway, I'm watching the trailer and can't believe that Susan Sarandon would make such a piece of fluff, with J.Lo no less. As the thing moves along, I say to Mark, "I've seen this movie, a long time ago, but it was in Japanese." Sure enough, this piece of crap Gere film is called "Shall we Dance," a remake of "Shall we dansu?" and they didn't even change the title. Why do they do crap like this?? Why not just leave movies alone or re-release the Japanese version?? It was a perfectly cute film. Sure it had subtitles but what's wrong with that??

Anyway, I'm heading off to bed. I can hear fireworks being let off in the neighbourhood somewhere. It's driving the neighbour dogs nuts but it is Canada Day so what can you do?

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