Saturday, July 10, 2004

simply saturday

You'd think that by now I'd have figured out a way to sleep on the weekends, wouldn't you?? Unfortunately, I'm not a staying-up-late type of girl anymore and I don't really drink either. I know that both of these things can help with the sleeping in thing. I was up at my normal time this morning and kept pretty much to my normal, work-day routine.

Right now, we're on a four-day weekend. It feels terrific. Although we promised ourselves that we weren't going to do much of anything at all, I ended up cleaning the entire upstairs of our house (including the bathroom - yuck!! I hate cleaning bathrooms!!) and doing four loads of laundry. The plan is for us to get anything that we have to do, out of the way today and tomorrow and then Monday and Tuesday will be devoted to relaxation....and maybe some gardening.

The garden really need some tlc. My mum gave us some plants, ages ago now, to transplant into our yard and we've not done it yet. They're both looking pretty pathetic but I think we can salvage them if we get them into the ground this weekend. I'm not sure why I have avoided doing it until now. Lazy I guess....oh wait, it's because we've been upto our eyeballs doing inside projects for the past dozen weekends. It will get done this weekend though, hopefully tomorrow, weather permitting. Actually, even if it rains (which I don't think it's supposed to), I can plant. It's a lot easier digging holes when the ground is wet than when it's baked and fried by the sun.

Doing errands this afternoon in the west end was miraculously easy. There was very little traffic and the stores weren't very busy. I guess everyone who would normally be out schlepping around was either at the cottage or at the buskers thing downtown. Personally, I like to avoid the buskers thing at all costs. I don't find that it's that entertaining at all, and it's generally pretty hokey. Unfortunately, if you need or want to do anything downtown on buskers weekend, it's pretty much impossible. Hot fun in the summertime huh??

One thing that made me smile today: Our back yard. We have a great backyard. It's kind of big without being huge enough to require a ride-on lawn mower (no matter what Mark says!!). Three sides of the back yard are covered with trees and bushes, providing great privacy. It feels like you're sitting in a private park when you're back there. To be honest, the trees and bushes at the bottom of the yard are over grown and kind of wild but, I like it. I like not being able to see our neighbours at.all. Tonight after dinner, we sat out back for a while, just enjoying the scenery and the gorgeous breeze that was blowing through there. I pretty much always love our little house but times like that make me really appreciate how lucky we were to find it!

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