Saturday, July 17, 2004

snail's paces

So I didn't exactly accomplish nothing today but what I did do, I did very slowly.

It was sunny again today and that combined with the humidity made it hellahot.   We took coolers and ice packs with us when we went for groceries.  It was a good thing we did too.  The places we shop at aren't that far from where we live but things were wilting on the walk from the store to the car so they definitely wouldn't have survived the ride home in the steamy hot trunk without some kind of protection.  Yuck-a-rama!!

I had a bunch of cleaning type stuff to get done around the house.  Even in the air conditioning it was sweaty gross work.  I mean, I was glad that I got it all done but it was not as pleasant an experience as it could have been.

One thing that made me smile today:   Low fat ice cream sandwiches and TiVo.  After my work was done, I parked in front of the tv in my bedroom, had a lovely ice cream sandwich and watched a bunch of stuff we'd recorded last week.   If I had a cottage to go to, I probably would have been outside or in the water enjoying the heat.  Seeing how we don't have a cottage, ice cream and air conditioning are excellent alternatives, imho anyway!!

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