Thursday, July 15, 2004

wimpy wimpy wimp wimp

My foot still hurts. It looks better than it did last night but it's hurting like nobody's business. I am also totally paranoid that I'm going to hit it again. I'd wear proper shoes but can't have anything touching it so I have to wear sandals and expose my sore toe to all the harsh elements. Not fun!

Things are getting settled here at work. I'm really liking my new space but I still haven't had a chance to put things away properly. I find that it takes me a while to adjust to a space before I can decide where to put things. In my experience, since I've been working with this organization, just about the time I get everything sorted out, I'll be asked to move to a different office.

Oh, on the interesting local news tidbits front, I read an update about "Block D" today.  Block D, for those of you outside of the Kingston area, is a largish parcel of waterfront property in the heart of tourist row.  It's the last decent sized undeveloped piece of waterfront real estate downtown and developers and the city have been fighting for years and  years over what will be built there.  See, good old Kingston is a bit of a hysterical, err, historical site and you can't do too much without the historical society's approval.  A couple of weeks ago, anti-poverty groups created a tent city on the Block D property.  Homelessness is at an all-time high here in the Limestone City and erecting the tent city is really shining a spotlight (in a big way) on a massive problem.  Anyway, in this morning's paper, there was an announcement about a new development on Block D.  The City finally approved a project and I'm sure it's no coincidence that it's happening while the protest is going on.  What better excuse is there to clear out the homeless folks than a new building project.  The whole thing makes me sick. The city council should be ashamed of itself.

One thing that made me smile today: Air conditioning.  I loves me some air conditioning.  Now, I don't like the house to be freezing cold or anything but I like to be able to breathe.  Today wasn't so bad but this week, overall, has been really muggy.  The air feels thick enough to see at times.  Lucky for me, we live in a little tiny town.  I can't imagine how much the air quality would diminish if we were in a huge ass city.  I've spent time in the summer in large metropolitan areas and I don't like it much.  Call me silly but I don't like cleaning my glasses at the end of the day and finding a bunch of black soot on my tissue.

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