Thursday, July 08, 2004

Scary Stuff

A cabbie was stabbed last night here in town. It was a guy who works for the same company Mark does and it was really scary. Apparently, he got a call to go to an apartment in, let's just say, not the best neighbourhood in Kingston. Two guys get into the cab and rob him at knife point. No problem right? The driver hands the cash over and radios the dispatcher to tell her that he's been robbed. The two FUBAR rejects then go back and start stabbing the guy. Nice huh?? I mean, he handed over the cash, why stab him?? After this happens, the driver again calls in to the stand and tells them that he's been stabbed. By this time, there are a bunch of city cops on the scene. They arrest the two guys, get the weapon and one of the losers rolls on the other. Fortunately, the driver was not seriously injured. He's in a lot of pain but he's been treated and released from the hospital.

The weird thing about it all is that not I'm entirely surprised. The last few days, when we've been out doing errands or traveling back and forth to work, both Mark and I have commented on how there must be some good crack in town. And I'm sorry, you can SO tell when there's a good shipment of rock in town. You can see folks staggering up the street in the middle of the day and not just in the "bad" part of town. You notice it all over the place. The crack stagger is very different from a drunk stagger. It's hard to explain but it is just different. GST rebate cheques were out this week so we assume that a lot of people had a few extra bucks to spend on the rock this week. These two guys who stabbed the cabbie last night, were so out of it that they called the taxi to their own house!

Note to crack-head potential robbers: If you're going to rob someone, don't pick someone who has a radio in his car and definitely don't do it on your own doorstep. You don't shit where you eat, figure it out!

One thing that made me smile today: My air-conditioned office. Recently, the heat has not been bothering me like it has in previous years. Today though, the humidity is making my head pound. I was in a meeting this morning for 90 minutes and the room had literally, no air at all. It took over an hour to get it to stop pounding again. I love the summer, don't get me wrong. Pretty as it is, sometimes living on the shores of one of the Great Lakes is not ideal. Not in July anyway.

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