Tuesday, July 13, 2004

every day is like sunday

Today is the last day of our little mini-break. Earlier today, Mark was finishing up a wiring project that he'd started last weekend when he stabbed himself in the finger, actually it was his thumb. It was bleeding pretty heavy, as fingers and toes tend to do and it put an end to his wiring for the day. Because of his injury, we didn't do too much any anything at all this afternoon. Joe even offered to take us out for dinner so he had a break from cooking. You never notice how much you use your thumbs until you injure one of them.

The nice thing about this long weekend was that we actually had a rest. When we were booked off a couple of weeks ago, we didn't stop. I was glad that we were getting stuff done around the house but sometimes, you just need a break. I'm sure that work will be insane tomorrow (because we're moving office again) but right now, I feel rested!

One thing that made me smile today: Six Feet Under, Season Two on DVD. The other day I was chatting with Mark's dad about Six Feet Under and he mentioned that he'd seen an ad for the DVD on the back cover of his bible, TV Guide. I said, "yeah, I have season one but I'm kind of broke right now so season two will have to wait." It wasn't me fishing around, rather it was a statement of my finances this month. Anyway, he got it for me today. What a sweetheart huh?!!??

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