Friday, July 09, 2004

where'd it go?

The week I mean. Yikes!! I was almost ready to leave work tonight and I remembered that we were moving offices again on Wednesday. I had to pull all of my crap out of the various corners of the space I've been working in and try to get it into some kind of order. When I left, it was most in a big pile on my desk. I'm not too worried though, thankfully, this time, I don't have far to move.

I have to say, I'm definitely going to have to reconsider calling my folks. Every time I call them anymore (or they call me), I get to hear about who died. When it's older folks and stuff, it's sad but not tragic. Sometimes though, it's just gut wrenching. Tonight I called my mum to get the scoop on my cousin. I noticed that she had changed her MSN handle to include "I've been given a promise ring" but she's never online when I'm at home and can chat (just when I'm at work and am busy) so I haven't been able to bug her to find out what's happening. When I called my mum to ask her, she told me that a guy I went to school with, someone from my class when I was in elementary school and who lived on the next street to us, had died on Wednesday. Apparently, he had been sick (cancer) for a while now. He's not someone I was close with in recent years. Actually, I couldn't tell you the last time I saw him. His mum was a real doll though. She was absolutely one of my favourite people in the whole world and she passed away a few years ago. They were a really lovely family and the whole thing is just tragic. It's just really weird to think about his poor sister (she's the same age as my younger brother) on her own now, with both of them gone. People our age aren't supposed to die. It feels really wrong and it's just breaking my heart. That's 2 people I've heard about, who were my age, in the past 2 weeks. Seriously, I gotta stop calling home!

One thing that made me smile today: It's the long weekend!! What?? It's not a long weekend for you?? I'm so sorry to hear that. In our house, it's a long weekend as Mark and I both have Monday and Tuesday booked off. I know that I was just off last week but technically, I only to take to 2 vacation days to have an entire week off (I was given one day for overtime and one day because...well just because!!). Anyway, because we don't have any big travel plans this summer, I decided that I would book off Monday and Tuesdays during Mark's "bad" week (he has a bad week about every 3rd week -- it's not really anything to do with him so much as it has to do with a certain toothless butthead dispatcher that no one gets along with and who makes everyone's lives miserable). We don't have anything planned really, and not much extra cash to do it with if we wanted to. Instead, we're going to chill out, hang around the house, get some stuff done in the yard and just generally enjoy the fruits of all of our previous weekends' labour. How can you not smile at that!!?

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