Thursday, July 22, 2004

can't a fat girl get a break?

Canadian Idol is just sucking crusty ass this year.  I actually voted for three different people last night, Kalan, Teresa and Jacob (anyone who wears a fifties-style preppy outfit, a lip ring, and sings "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" deserves my vote!). 

Jacob sings

A couple of weeks ago, I was really not sure if I was going to bother watching the top 10 at all.  Once they eliminated our man Brock, my heart wasn't in it, really.  I was happy that Kalan and Teresa had made it but overall, I wasn't as into it as I remember being last year.  I got over myself though and broke down and watched the top 10 last night though.  I totally HATE Shane (he seems to be a cocky lunk-head), Manoah (I know she's a school teacher but she can't sing that well and is getting skankier every week) and Jason (okay, he looks like Ricky Martin and loves Bryan Adams, we get it, sheesh!!).  I do have a soft spot for Brandy Callahan though.  She can sing the shit out any song she tries.  Her particular talent really seemed suited toward gospel and R&B but she honestly gave me goosebumps when she sang (and that hasn't happened since I first heard Toya Alexis sing last summer).  I felt sick for her when she got voted off this week.  Shane or Manoah totally deserved it but Brandy, no way!  I guess a fat girl can't cut a break on the Idol.  I only hope that the voting public pulls it's collective head out of their giant ass next week.  If we're not careful, Jason Greely could win!

One thing that made me smile today:  we have a beautiful brown bunny in our backyard.  Now, if I actually had a vegetable garden in my yard, I would probably not be so happy to see a bunny munching on stuff but we don't so I am.  When I got home from work tonight, Mark's dad mentioned that he'd seen one out in the yard in the afternoon.  It's been a long time since I've seen one out there.  There used to be lots of bunnies around but I figured that the coyotes that live on the Alcan property (a couple of blocks from here) had been making dinner of them or something.  Mark and I were downstairs watching tv after dinner tonight and I noticed this beautiful brown rabbit eating all of our pink clover (have I mentioned that our lawn needs to be cut).  He was there for a very long time.  I guess because we don't have dog or cat pee or poop out there, and because we don't use pesticide, he probably figured it was a safe spot to have buffet.  Whatever the reason, he seemed really happy and I enjoyed watching him hippity-hop around the yard, white fluffy tail and all!!

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