Saturday, June 28, 2003

Yikes. We've been working on our bathroom, all the live-long day!

Or at least it feels like that. Poor Mark, he was sanding it for like 3 hours this afternoon. He looked like a snowman when he finally emerged from the dust. I'm sure how much good the mask did that he was wearing but I hope it made a difference.

Despite the fact that I vacummed the entire house several times today, and totally scrubbed the bathroom, our house is a disaster area. It looks like Woody Allen sneezed a huge bag of coke all over the place! A fine white dust has settled everywhere. No matter how much I wipe it up or try to keep ahead of it, I can't. I've finally given up and will clean the whole house again, top to bottom, once the painting is finished. What a mess!! It will look good though, eventually. This Monday, I'll be painting...Lemon Grass on our bathroom walls. It'll be so much nicer than the pepto bismal pink that's on it right now. I'll post some more before / after snaps on my fotolog when we're done.

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