Saturday, June 21, 2003

I have not been writing much lately. I mean, I have been writing stuff but none of it is really interesting. I think it's because I've been so busy lately. I guess that is good though. Being busy enough with your life that you don't have a lot of time left over at the end of the day to write about it.

One thing that I have been doing while I'm being busy is taking pictures. I have been taking a lot of pictures lately. I've been posting them on my fotolog and having a lot of fun with that. If you haven't set one up for yourself, you should. It's free and it's a lot of fun. Also, there are a tonne of beautiful photos out there that folks have been taking and posting.

I just started a 2 week break from work and should have some more time to write and take pictures and I'm looking forward to it. We have a number of things we're going to be doing around the house while I'm off. I'm very happy about doing creative things, both as far as the decorating inside the house that we're going to be doing as well as stuff I'm doing in the garden.

I think I'm going to go chill out and watch Canadian Idol (yes, I love how bad it is!!). I know it's not creative but sometimes, you just need to veg!

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