Monday, June 02, 2003

I was right about the cold thing. Absolutely. I have allergies. I have had them for years but this year they hadn't been too bad. This weekend they sort of crept up on me. They're not too bad at the moment, I'm on the reactine so that's keeping things under control.

We completely avoided doing anything resembling yard work on the weekend although we did spend a huge chunk of time and cash at the Home Depot on the weekend. We finally replaced the window blinds in our bedroom and the bathroom. We got those oak plantation style blinds and they look fabulous. They really darken the room and will help keep the heat out this summer. We also bought a new A/C unit for our bedroom. We moved the old one into the spare bedroom and between the two of them, the whole upstairs should be really comfortable this summer. The new A/C actually had a remote and an electronic thermostat. How decadent huh? Fortunately, it was on sale at Le Depot and it's a Maytag so it was a double deal for us.

It seems odd at the moment, installing the window units and getting these heavy blinds in. It's been quite cool here the past couple of days but I know that this won't last. Come July, we'll be glad to have them keeping us cool at night.

I think I should toddle off to bed right now though. Suddenly, I've hit the wall of sleepiness. 'night all.

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