Tuesday, June 10, 2003

This week's edition of This-or-That Tuesday is a great topic, TV Shows vs Movies:

1. "The Munsters" or "The Addams Family"?
The Munsters never aired in syndication around here so I grew up on the Addams Family. I must say though that I actually prefer the Flinstones' version, The Gruesomes.

2. "The Sopranos" or the "Godfather" movies?
I grew up loving the Godfather movies but I am a huge Sopranos fan. I love that that it is written and filmed. When they are in a new season, it is like watching an excellent movie, every week.

3. "The Jetsons" or "Lost in Space"?
The Jetsons but I would have picked Futurama if I'd been given that as a choice.

4. "Superman" or "Batman" (either the TV shows or the movies)?
The Batman movie from 1966, hands down!

5. "Sex & The City" or "Friends"?
I have heard that Sex & The City is a WAY better show than Friends but I have never actually seen it. Therefore, I must say Friends.

6. "The Wizard of Oz" or the "Harry Potter" movies?
The Wizard of Oz. Those flying monkey's scare me every time I watch it.

7. "The Simpsons" or "King of the Hill"?
Why even ask. The Simpsons. Of course!

8. "Grease" or "Saturday Night Fever"?
Grease. But only because I could actually go see it in 5th grade and I couldn't get into SNF.

9. Old prime-time soaps: "Dallas" or "Dynasty"?
Dallas. I used to watch it every Friday night when I babysat.

10. Not very thought-provoking this week...do you prefer TV shows or movies?
It used to be movies but now it's TV shows. Not any old TV shows though. They have to be Sopranos or Six Feet Under quality.

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