Saturday, June 14, 2003

It's Saturday!

Yay! We hd a great lazy morning, slept in a bit and Mark left for work a little later than he ordinarily would. I've just been bumming around the house a bit not doing much of anything.

We had an amazingly huge amount of rain fall on us yesterday and through the night so my hopes of working in the garden are shot to shit. Partly because the ground is totally saturated and partly because the mosquitos have taken over at the moment. I'm a real bug magnet, if something bites, it's going to find me and settle in for a nice meal. With the west nile "issue" and all, I figure I'm better off inside puttering.

I have puttered yet but I plan to do some laundry and maybe a couple of errands in a bit. Hope you get to have a nice, lazy Saturday too!

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