Thursday, June 12, 2003

So, do you wanna know how to make people nervous? Walk into their grocery store and start taking pictures of merchandise with your camera.

I swear, that's all it takes. Managers, stock boys, cashiers, they'll all be running around, worried and nervous and wondering what the hell you're up to. We stopped off at the Kingslake IGA on the way home tonight. Mark wanted to get a bottle of Fresca. I didn't really need or want anything but I had my camera with me and I pulled it out, turned off the flash, and started snapping (if you're interested, I'll put some of them up in my fotolog tomorrow). I was completely oblivious to what was happening until Mark said, "turn off your camera, let's see what this manager-type is up to." I turn the camera off and keep it at my side. I look up and see the store manager looking at me in a weird way and then running toward the far side of the store. We proceed toward the check-out and I'm chuckling about how they must think that we're committing some kind of supermarket espionage or something. Mark told me that he had seen the cashier running to this guy and whispering something to him and that's when it started. We walked by her as we neared the front of the store and she looked at me with this terrified look on her face. It was pretty funny. I took a couple more snaps while Mark paid for his pop and then we left.

I'm sure that they're shitting themselves now. Thinking that we were from head office or some such stuff and that we'll be reporting back that their pop wasn't displayed properly. Funny how something so innocent can become so sinister huh?

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