Monday, June 23, 2003

The painting is going very well. The first coat is on and it looks good. As we've been painting today, it's occurred to us that at some point, there was wallpaper on the walls that has been painted over. I am not sure how many layers of paint are on the wallpaper but you can sort of tell, now that the new paint is going on.

I worked on it this morning on my own. I did the baseboards and some of the picky stuff and when Mark got home this afternoon he did the overhead cutting in while I rolled. Those old walls just sucked the paint up. We're going to let it dry for 24 hours and get the second coat on tomorrow afternoon. I posted some before and after photos on my fotolog.

Because it's so stinking hot today, I kept the A/C on and the windows closed. As a result, I got a little silly from the paint. It's latex paint and the fumes aren't bad but by the time Mark got home this afternoon, I was basically stupid. I'd try to stay something and totally wrong words would come out. It's weird. The same thing started to happen to Mark after a couple of hours in there. It was kind of funny actually. I mean, I thought it was funny when it happened to me. It's amazing what stinky stuff will do to your brain.

We're off out again to the Depot for another gallon of paint. We used about 1.5 today and I'm sure I'll need that much again to get the second coat on and the touch-ups. I never realized how much the green was bugging my ass until it started to disappear!!

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