Sunday, June 29, 2003

We so slept in this morning.

Not like, ew, it's 8 a.m., better get up. More like, hey, it's 10 a.m., yikes!! I don't even remember the last time we did that. We had to have needed the sleep though of we wouldn't have slept that long. I'm thinking it must have been the work yesterday and the lack of oxygen to our lungs from the plastering.

Speaking of breathing, recently, we have been spending a more than average amount of time at the Home Depot. I know that they are an evil, big corporation and we probably shouldn't shop there but they always have exactly what we need, in stock, and (usually) at a price we can afford. I like the Depot because of the potential you feel when you are there. Exploring the aisles, you see things that can spiff up your house with just a little elbow grease, and some ready cash. It's not a bad feeling at all. What is a bad feeling is the Harvey's smell. I hate that they have that Harvey's in the front of the store. I used to like Harvey's. I think that they make a pretty decent burger. Every once in a long while, Mark and I will indulge in a fast-food treat. I realized yesterday that since they stuck the Harvey's in the front of the Home Depots, I've not had Harvey's. The ventilation is really poor and that sick burger / grease smell just hangs in the entrance of the store. I really feel for the cashiers who have to work with that smell hovering all over them all day. It makes me feel sick. What makes me gag though is seeing people lining up for the burgers whenever we're in there. I guess there is no accounting for taste when it comes to stuff like that.

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